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GUUUUYS! My week off work so far has been all kinds of awesome for the simple fact that I've been doing ABSOLUTELY NOTHING IMPORTANT ASDFGHJ.

I'm feeling so chilled and happy and productive, which is a especially fantastic seeing as I actually have time to do something with this insitent itch to do things, like write. I've been working on that Inception/Mario fusion I mentioned a few weeks back and I'm having glorious amounts of fun with it :D and for ~research purposes I have of course being playing copious amounts of Super Mario on my DS (I actually completed the damn thing, haha, finally!). Life is good guys. Sooooo good right now. I don't even want to think about having to go back to work come Monday! D:

How've things been with you lot? I would apologise for being all MIA on ya'll again but well, what's an impromptu hiatus between friends? XD Anything new going on? I've been to see three movies this week: Paul, The Rite, and Drive Angry 3D all of which were tres awesome in their own individual ways, and I'm hoping to drag someone out to see The Adjustment Bureau this weekend. Anyone else planning to see it? I'm intrigued by their likening it to Inception and stealing the men from Fringe to boot.

Also, Criminal Minds: who's been watching!? GUUUUYS. WE NEED TO TALK! asdfghjkl. Not just about Reid (♥_♥) and Prentiss (♥_♥), but how betrayed I feel by Seaver (>_<) right now after 6.16 because damnit I really did like her. Also, Criminal Minds: Suspect Behaviour: does anyone actually like it? :/ also also I did not start writing a ridiculously cliche Reid used to be a model before he joined the FBI fic. honest!

And then there's the matter of Supernatural... OMG WHAT IS HAPPENING TO MY SHOW!? I went three weeks without watching it (and without the usual withdrawal symptoms usually associated with missing an episode) and then when I could finally be bothered to catch up, well... it didn't really feel like it was worth almost three hours of my life. LE SIGH. I think I'm falling out of love with my show guys. Not even Misha's sheer awesomeness is making me want to watch it. PLS SEND HELP ASAP.
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[ snow, snow, go away... and don't bother coming back another day either! ]

This was the view from my bedroom window at around 9am this morning.
it's almost midnight now and it hasn't gotten much better.
I can has snowday instead of going to work tomorrow, Y/Y?

In other news:

§ Asylum 5: I'm really not likely to get around to doing a report from this convention. but as is becoming my norm of late, you can see my pictures and comments on said pictures [ here on my scrapbook ] or just click on one of the pictures below to read my word-vomit of the occasion ;D

§ Caspe-Wri-Mo/Real Life: I've epically failed at Caspe-Wri-Mo this month. Not that I tried really hard to be quite honest, but we did have a death in the family at the beginning of the month and dealing with that took priority over pretty much everything else. I'm fine, (and my thanks to everyone who left me comments on twitter as everything was happening,) but my mom and nana aren't doing so well so I've been trying to be there for them.  

§ KANE gig: As most of you know I was in London Wed/Thurs this week for the KANE gig on Wednesday night. It was pretty damn epic and Christian Kane is omg all kinds of ♥♥♥ and also surprisingly short in real life! XD the only disappointment to the gig was that he never did stage door D: so I never got to "meet him" meet him, you know?

Other pretty damn epic things occured whilst I was down in London, the first of which being that I got to hang out with zeitheist  all day Wednesday and she took me around her zoo (what? London Zoo is totally her zoo!) and though it was ridiculously cold it was also all kinds of awesome, especially as she let me hang around the reptile house twice and got just as mushy over all the snakes and lizards as I did. YAAAY! ::snugs her Sophie::
Pretty damn epic thing the second was _stolendreams_  coming in to hang out with me all day Thursday! We went over to Covent Gardens but it was freezing and rather faily and so we decided to camp out in Starbucks instead. We must've spent something ridiculous like five hours just sitting in there chatting and omhg it was awesome. ::snugs her Bexy::
And then I came home. And it snowed. And I am less than happy at the prospect of going to work tomorrow. D:

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{ this one goes out to the one I love }

Sharing is Caring: for one week, I recommend/share...

Day one - a song
Day two - a picture
Day three - a book/ebook/fanfic
Day four - a site
Day five - a youtube clip
Day six - a quote
Day seven - whatever tickles your fancy

A site: [info]apocabigbang

The challenge is for writers to create a 10 000 word (or longer) novella
for het, gen, or slash in whatever fandom or crossover they so desire.
The catch? Your story has to revolve around the end of the world.
This can mean aliens, zombies or just a big ol' explosion!


- why this site? Well it's sort kind of relevant to my interests you see, as not moments after discovering it I found myself accidently on purpose signing myself up for it. Not entirely sure how that happened, honest! But it really is an awesome idea and I think you guys should all sign up too because it'll be FUN in an angsty-end-of-the-world kind of way. Go on! I know you want to ;D

§ [info]tw_bigbang:  I got an email today letting me know that I got the "big bang thumbs up", which I guess means I passed the rough draft test and with the artist claims going up tomorrow there really is no turning back now! ::flail:: I keep switching between being really very psyched over this fact and terrified that my fic'll be the only one left unclaimed or something XD fingers crossed it won't be quite that bad though! heh.

§ Renegade Angels: the stories for the [ deancastiel Renegade Angels exchange ] were finally revealed and I can now let ya'll know just which story I have been fretting over for weeks now XD

Maybe an Angel [Dean/Castiel | PG-13 | 6679words | wherein Castiel is forced to "possess" Dean and as time passes they start to merge.]
- I'm at that stage now, having let it simmer out there with strangers reading and reviewing it, where I actually kind of like it again. Or rather, I really like the idea of it. I'm not sure I could have written it any better at the time, though I really wish I could have, if that makes any kind of sense? I wish I'd been able to get myself out the rut I found myself in in regards to the tense I used, but no matter how many times I started over or changed it, it always reverted back to the present till I finally got the hint and gave in. I've since discovered though that I've used the same tense in most of my Supernatural fics and that kind of surprised me, sort of like it's my default tense for the show or something. I may need to work on that now that I've realised it.

§ real life: went to see Dorian Gray at the theatre last night with Stacey and Claire. It was interesting... it was a "moden day" interpretation with lots of expressive dancing but no talking and had way more simulated gay sex than I think anyone was expecting O_O... still, that at least, kept things entertaining! You can get a little taster of what it was like [ here on youtube ]!

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So, ya'll remember way back when absdaxand myself attended the Asylum3 Supernatural Convention and met that lovely reporter lady who wanted to do an interview on us/Castiel bear for possible inclusion in the Supernatural Magazine? Well...

(( thanks to absdaxfor originally posting this, and to the_dean_team  for the original scan,
and to Jayne for doing the interview that got Abi and Me into the magazine in the first place! <33 ))

Me \\ CS Wolfe

{ hearts her flist }

§ ASDFGHJ!! LOOK FLIST, LOOK!!! ::points in random direction and gets ridiculously excited::

§ Guys, I totally fail at Christmas and packing and all things requiring even a bit of forward planning and preperation. omg. I'm so sorry but it looks like no one will be getting their presents until after I get back from South Africa (around the 20th of January). I am so sorry about this, guys, but I really do fail. I have everybody's gifts in but no time to get packaging/pack them/get to a post office to send them before I leave. Also, Julie, yours isn't on its way like I thought it was as my mother conveniently forgot to send it off when I asked her too ::repeated headdesk:: So. yeah. Complete fail on my part. I hope ya'll have an awesome Christmas though! I know I shall ;) in the blistering sunshine and all. heh. And I will be sending ya'll "New Years" presents when I get back!

§ In further fail, I am trying to pack my bag for S.A. and yeah... it's not going so well. I'm usually okay at packing only the bare necessities, but for some reason I seem to be determined to overpack. Grr. ::unpacks suitcase for the umpteeth time and starts repacking:: How much can a suitcase full of clothes actually weigh anyway!? I mean, really! ...maybe I could just wear lots of layers? And hope they don't decide to strip search me on the way through customs. HMMMM.

§ TWILIGHT! How awesomely cracktastic was it guys? For serious. It was actually a better movie than I was expecting it to be, but at the same time, my friends and I took great delight in ripping the piss out of the whole thing XD A couple points of complete awesome to note: JACOB; just because. CARLISLE; is hotter in action than in pictures. JASPER omg has the best constipated face EVAH XD. BALLET ROOM; finally some action and arse whipping! ...I think I may be going to see it again tonight, just for the banter XD lmao

§ I'm not sure if I'll be around to make another post before I leave, so incase not, everyone have a KICKASS CHRISTMAS and an AWESOME NEW YEAR and remember that I LOVE YOU ALL SO HARD and that I will TOTALLY MISS YA'LL LEIK WOAH. <33
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It's Christmas....!!!

As I'm sure everyone probably knows by now, I'm going to South Africa for Christmas this year (leaving at some godaweful am hour on the 23rd), so in order to celebrate the festive season with my family this end of the atlantic, we decided to have Christmas dinner this evening. And you know what that means, right? It means that I GOT MY CHRISTMAS PRESSIES TONIGHT XD XD XD

As a result of this I'd like to introduce everyone to my new baby...

Introducing Misha Toshiko Hepburn (yes, because even pets need first and last names!):

Misha, is an artifical Husky who actually breathes! Her wee tummy rises and falls as she breathes and she makes the cutest little purring sound ever and the bestest bit about it all is that my (real) baby, Shelly, already adores her so I don't have to worry about her being clawed to pieces when I'm out! XD I am beyond psyched by this present! heh.

[ Misha and Shelly ]

My mother was all like, "Now, we've kept it fed and looked after it for you." And I was all like "O_o omg what did you get me!?" And then she told me to go look by the front door so I ran out the room and found this box with holes in it waiting for me. I was so timid about opening it until I saw the small sticker of a husky on the side and then I was all "OMG YOU GOT ME A HUSKY ILYSOHARD!" And then I found out it breathes and yeah. I am so inlove with it. I can take it to SA with me, YS? ::makes wibbly faces::
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hello flist!

Home safe and sound after heading down to Manchester for Collectormania. T'was an awesome weekend! Met up with most of my girlies and some wonderfully random new people too. There was drama. And squee. Soso much squee! But ya'll will have to wait till tomorrow before I regurgitate all the details for you as I'm absolutely knackered. It'll be a tasty experience I'm sure! 

On a slightly unrelated note, galaxy_songlet me know that John Barrowman has finally announced Scottish dates for his booksigning tour! OMG YAY!! And I so totally want to go, just to see him again XD alas that there's no way I'ma make the Glasgow one (I've no more holidays to take and that one falls on a Saturday.) But I probably can do the Sunday one in Edinburgh :D just so long as I find someone crazy enough to come with me. ...any volunteers? ::hinthintnudgenudge::
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Can this event get any better?


Chris Chibnall, co-producer and lead writer for Torchwood, and James Moran, Torchwood and Dr Who writer, will be talking all things Torchwood at The Rift, a day-long event taking place at Porchester Hall on Saturday, April 26.

Also appearing will be James Marsters, Eve Myles, Alan Dale, Gareth David-Lloyd and Torchwood producer Richard Stokes.

Further information is available at http://www.jamesmarsterslive.com

Man, if things keep going the way they are in regards to this event, I'ma be questioning why they aren't charging more for it XD
Also, I'm about seconds away from slaughtering my littlest sister. If she so much as looks at me wrong again, so help me god, but she is dead. ::fume::