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Leverage \\ OT3; 123

[Leverage] I got you [Eliot/Hardison]

I got you;


Eliot Spencer/Alec Hardison;

U-Rated, 665words;

Five Acts Meme Prompt: protectiveness, for toestastegood;

Eliot has a concussion; Alec is determined to be more hindrance than help.


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Supernatural \\ Dean&Alastair; strangle

[spn/lev] a kiss with a fist [Dean Winchester/Eliot Spencer]

a kiss with a fist (is better than none);

Dean Winchester/Eliot Spencer, (Alec Hardison);

R/18-Rated, 959words;

Written for comment_fic prompt: Hardison always walks in on the weirdest things.



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♥ Aww, lookit, flist! My first fic of 2011. And a rather spontaneous one it was too. It's also my first dabbling with writing Leverage fic/characters which is kind of exciting. Maybe all this talk about fandom polygamy vs monogamy will actually help me branch out into more than one fandom at a time? ...let's not hold our breaths for that though ;D