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Of squeeage

Squee! My House : Season 2 DVDs arrived today! XD Soso very psyched right now, though still slightly miffed at the fact it's taken TEN DAYS for Amazon to get their arses in gear and get it sent off to me. Serves me right for being cheap and choosing free delivery! Pfft.

MoreSquee! Aurora informed me today that Nine Inch Nails are coming to Glasgow in February- OMFGIAMSOTHERE!¬!onei211!- this is very exciting for me as the last time they came to Glasgow my parents stopped me from going despite the fact I had a ticket. This fact still annoys the hell out of me. But dude, TRENT REZNOR WILL BE IN GLASGOW!!!! ...and breathe.

LittleSquee! My NaNo plot bunny has twitched. It twitched! Hoo-rah. I really have to thank Ruth for that, I was talking to her about it at lunch today and she gave me loads of encouragement towards it and then the next thing you know- twitch! Bunny came back to life. haha. I shall hopefully get a decent amount written over the rest of November in order to make up for this bunny's less than enthusiastic plot production.

That is all for now.
(House Blooper Reel, here I come!)
Tags: challenge: nanowrimo, fandom: house m.d., mood: squeeage, music: nine inch nails

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