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HMDFanFic: The Shala [GH/JW/RC]: Chapter v

The Shala
By CS WhiteWolf
 - - -
Overall Story Details: Found Here!
For This Chapter:
Rating(s): R/18-Rated.
Pairing(s): Gregory House/ James Wilson; Gregory House/ Robert Chase.
Warning(s): Sexual Situations; Mentions of Public Sex; Threesome-ish.
Word Count: 2224words.
Summary: House discovers that Chase likes to dance… with a pole, on a stage, in front of other men. He drags a willing Wilson along for the show.
Prompt:o11 Want of my House/Wilson Table.
Beta(s): Unbetad, apologies for any and all errors!
Dedication: To irrlicht74, for her birthday last week and for being such an awesome reader, much love to you darling! :)
 - - -
House’s smile never left his face as Chase stood and gaped at him from the backdoor of The Shala, the soft glare of blue-tinted lighting filtered out into the alleyway, casting an illusory light on House and the scene he made- all ravished looking and dishevelled as he stood, slumped against the opposite wall with another man on his knees before him.
It wasn’t until the other man pushed himself to his feet that Chase caught a better look at him and realised with sobriety from his shock that it was Wilson. James Wilson, the ‘Boy Wonder’ of the Oncology Department (as House liked to call him) had been on his knees for House.
Chase swallowed thickly as Wilson gained his feet only to fall purposefully onto House, and in complete ignorance (or perhaps just general uncaring) of Chase’s presence behind him, he grabbed House to him, pushing their mouths together for a sharp kiss and he worked his hips against House thigh, a thigh House willingly slipped between Wilson’s parted legs.
“Oh god,” Chase choked out in mortification as he watched enraptures and horrified as House and Wilson continued to grind against each other with nary a care as to whom could be watching them.
“You okay, Robbie?” Someone called from within the building and Chase jumped somewhat guiltily at the sound, turning quickly on his heel and stepping back inside the doorway to offer a smile to the speaker.
A half-strangled moan sounded from Wilson as he spilled himself in orgasm, the sound lingering in the crisp air and Chase felt his cheeks burn even as he gave a lackadaisical cough as if to disguise the resonance.
“I’m fine,” Chase finally replied with a lacking smile as he stepped back out the door. “It’s just a little cold out here, that’s all. Took me by surprise.”
Laughter filtered out behind him, female and giggly- the sound rather like that of pubescent girls talking about the cute boys in school. Chase cringed at the sound, looking up and over at the same moment House pulled his mouth from Wilson’s and turned his gaze to once again settle upon Chase; his breath a tantalizing warmth against Wilson’s cheek as the other man calmed himself, gathering his composure.
“I thought you Brits were supposed to be used to the cold?” Someone else called back and House’s mouth twisted into wickedness, grazing his stubbled chin across Wilson’s cheek and feeling the oncologist’s own smile as he acknowledged House’s humour.
Australian,” Chase muttered resentfully under his breath before calling out a quick goodbye and stepping further out into the alleyway. He was sure to close the back door to The Shala with a resounding thump even as he shot a furtive look up and down the dimly lit lane.
“What the hell are you two doing?” Chase hissed at them stepping forward and feeling his anger rise as the fully reality of the situation touched him. “Have you no shame?”
House bit back a quip to Chase’s initial question, deciding that comments detailing exactly what it was Wilson and himself were doing would not be received with pleasure at this point in time. Instead, he languidly fastened his trousers, watching from the corner of his eye as Wilson relaxed himself against the wall beside him after having taken a moment to dust the dirt from his pants as if there were merely another social gathering for him.
Chase could only gape at them in disbelief, his mouth snapping closed only when Wilson sent him a particularly amused look.
“Well?” Chase asked, frowning at the pair of them.
“Well what?” House replied, wetting his laughing lips.
Chase huffed through clenched teeth. “What are you two doing here?” He said, scrunching his face up for a moment before hurriedly adding, “Without the details, please, just tell me why are you here?”
“I’d have thought that would be obvious, Chase,” House purred, dropping his head to his chest and watching as Chase’s lips thinned to whiteness as frustration overcame him.
“We were only waiting for you.” House kindly elaborated, watching as frustration was soon replaced by anger, a glint of darkening rage sparking in Chase’s eyes as he glared at them, folding his arms angrily across his chest, unable to believe in their audaciousness in coming here, to the back door!
It was rude and presumptuous and Chase knew he should have expected it. He knew they would never be satisfied with watching him perform on stage, and that they would eventually want to milk this situation for whatever it was worth to them.
Wilson pushed himself up from the wall without a word, carefully circling Chase with a predatory look glinting in his eyes and Chase felt his anger fade just as swiftly as it had come, settling him into a depressing form of resignation and the sickly taste of defeat.
“Can’t you leave me alone?” Chase swallowed heavily, his eyes following Wilson’s every move.
“No,” Wilson smiled at him, the expression almost kindly if not for the look in his eyes. “We can’t do that.”
“Then just tell me what you want from me,” Chase asked quietly, forcefully, dropping his arms to his sides and fisting his hands, his body tensed for flight.
“To think he couldn’t even last a day,” House mused, moving towards Chase and watching as the younger man twisted his body sideways, attempting to keep both Wilson and himself within his sights.
“I just want to know what you want from me.” Chase glared at him.
“Would you give us whatever we wanted?” House questioned, watching the bob of Chase’s Adam’s apple as he swallowed heavily, his lips pursed.
“Would you leave me alone if I did?” He replied slowly, watching as House’s face transformed into a mocking sneer.
“And I thought you weren’t a whore,”
“I’m not!” Chase retorted, vehemence in his voice.
“And yet you’re willing to do whatever it takes to have us leave you alone.” House stepped in closer, stopping only an arms-length away from the young man.
“You’re shaking, Chase,” House noted softly.
Chase shot him a glare though he said nothing. He stepped backwards away from House, attempting also to put himself out of the loose encirclement House and Wilson had forced him into. House stepped with him, blocking the manoeuvre with ease.
“You’re still shaking,” House pressed, watching the minute tremors that ran their way through Chase’s body and knowing they were not entirely caused by his tensed demeanour.
“It’s cold.” Chase snapped, turning his head quickly as Wilson shifted to his left. The movement caught Chase’s peripheral vision and instinct forced him to turn and face this new perceived threat.
House was swift to move in behind Chase, his arms slipping easily about the younger man’s body and tightening when Chase sprang up at the contact like a startled colt. House wondered at the fact that Chase didn’t shout out, choosing only to gasp his distress as he struggled against House’s hold.
Finally stilling, Chase stood in tensed expectation, his body trembling with fresh shivers as he waited- openly fearful- for House and Wilson to make their next move.
House loosened his grip to a light hug-like hold, spreading his hands open to lie palm flat- one across Chase’s upper chest and one to lie upon his stomach. He could feel the thundering of Chase’s heartbeat beneath his right hand.
“Calm yourself, Chase,” House breathed against his neck, “Anyone would think we’re out to get you the way you’re acting.”
Chase gave a choked laugh, more out of shock than any desire to respond to the comment. For a long moment, only the harsh pants of Chase’s breathing could be heard in the alleyway, the expected noises of passing traffic and people queuing outside similar clubs could be heard as distant, almost non-existent sounds, too far away to be of use and yet House knew that should Chase call out, someone was bound to poke their nose around the corner and unwittingly come to his aid.
Yet Chase kept his voice to himself, his body strung tight but un-struggling in his hold. House allowed his hand to drift over Chase’s breast, feeling the firmness of his pectoral muscles beneath the jumper he wore, pausing only at Chase’s sharp intake of breath.
“Now it’s harassment,” Chase breathed out, finally speaking even as he jerked his body in a futile bid to pull free from House who kept ahold of him easily; eventually Chase was forced to still his struggling.
“These feel nothing like those perky breasts you’ve been tantalising us with, Chase,” House muttered against his neck as he rubbed his hand purposefully over Chase’s chest, ignoring all talk of harassment. “Perhaps you are a man after all, we were beginning to doubt it.”
Chase could feel House’s smile, the confirmation of it found on Wilson’s face as he watched House’s groping.
“Play nice, House,” Wilson deigned to comment, his words lacking any real conviction as he watched House’s groping with a soft smile, his eyes trailing suggestively down Chase’s body as the hand House had spread across Chase’s stomach began to move with slow, stroking motions.
“House,” Chase breathed, half in warning and House’s hand stilled briefly upon his stomach before dropping suddenly to brush purposefully over his groin. House was surprised to feel the half-hard outline of Chase’s cock, his face splitting into a grin as he prepared to snipe out something particularly suggestive only to be thwarted as Chase twisted round in his grip and shoved angrily at him, pushing him, stumblingly, into the wall a few paces behind- his face twisting into a grimace of humiliated resentment.
“Now it’s sexual harassment, House.” Chase spat at him, his body pressing forcefully against his boss’ and searching his face for a sign of anything other than that insufferable smugness of his.
“So caught on that little hang up,” House sneered, his gaze flickering over Chase’s shoulder for a moment and Chase tensed, waiting for the moment when Wilson’s hands would grab at him from behind and tug him away.
He needn’t have worried however, for though House was making eyes over his shoulder, his hands had carefully raised themselves into a position where House was able to both grab Chase and twist him effortlessly, shoving the younger man back against the wall this time and pressing the full length of his body against Chase’s own.
“That was easy,” House muttered as Chase winced, gasping for breath. “Maybe a bit too easy. This isn’t another kink of yours is it, Chase?”
“Screw you, House!”
“Oh I bet you’d love to,” House sniped back, watching as Chase stubbornly refused to blush, his jaw clenching tight enough that House had images of his teeth shattering with the pressure. A cocky sort of grin tried to make its way onto his face but was stolen away as Chase swiftly moved his head forward, pressing his mouth to House’s in a smash of a kiss that took House entirely by surprise.
Chase’s mouth was hot and vicious against his, and House could practically taste the younger man’s frustration through the kiss, his confusion and exasperation- his need.
Chase’s hands were stubbornly staying in place at his sides but House had no qualms about where to let his roam, running his hands down Chase’s sides encouragingly as Chase’s tongue licked at his lips. It was only when House’s hands dropped to his hips that Chase hesitated in their kissing, freezing up entirely as one of House’s hands slipped round to cup his groin, feeling his excitement through the tightness of his jeans.
This time when Chase tried to get away from him, House let him go- stepping back with Chase’s shove and watching as the younger man stumbled away from him on unsure footing, his hand rising to touch his mouth in quiet disbelief, his eyes wide and lust-darkened as he looked up at House before turning to look at Wilson who stood observing them with silent intensity.
The three of them stood in a silence that rang through Chase’s ears louder and clearer than had any words been spoken, standing in quiet disbelief of his own actions as he was. He watched, with cheeks burning despite himself as House lifted his right hand- touching his fingers to his thumb in a rub as if once more feeling Chase’s hardness against the tips of his fingers.
Chase swallowed heavily, his eyes a burning glare as they met the sure, piercing glance of House’s own and he knew what House was saying to him without words, telling Chase with a mere look that he knew, that he knew Chase wasn’t nearly as upset by House’s touching as he wanted to be, that he knew Chase didn’t for one minute regret kissing him though he wished he did.
“We’ll see you at work on Monday,” Wilson’s voice pulled Chase’s attention from House’s piercing blue gaze. He turned to look from one to the other, offering nothing more than a stiff nod and a straight back as he turned away from them and hurried out of the alley with what dignity he felt he could muster.
Chase didn’t dare look back, his stomach spinning somersaults at the thought of having to see these men again.
 - - -
To Be Continued…?
 - - -
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