Campaspe (cs_whitewolf) wrote,

HMDFanFic: Wickedness of Love [GH/RC]

Title: Wickedness of Love
Author: cs_whitewolf
Rating(s): PG/13-Rated.
Pairing(s): Gregory House/ Robert Chase.
Word Count: 475words.
Summary: The love of the wicked is more dangerous than their hatred.
Prompt i: Just a little something written for teamane’s Proverb Challenge. Using quotes #17, #6, #26 and #5.
Prompt ii: Also added to my shiny new  housefic50Gregory House/Robert Chase table for prompt #o18 Consequences.
A/N: The last proverb is one I found myself and which I thought went rather nicely as an ending, if a bit elusive.
 - - -
Forbidden fruit is the sweetest…
He knows. Knows as he watches Chase through the glass walls of his office, watches Chase as the young man sits in wide-eyed anticipation of his interview; House knows that Chase is the one. Robert Chase, yes, that’s the one. It is easy to dismiss the girl simpering for his attentions, her cleavage begging him for the job and though he feels a twinge of regret at letting her go, when Chase walks into the room and takes his seat, feigned elegance and disinterest, when Chase walks in, he knows: forbidden fruit is the sweetest; Chase will taste just like sin upon his lips, he knows. This he knows.
Full of courtesy, full of craft…
It takes him a while to learn. It takes him a while to realise, to realise that beneath the kindness there lies underlying intent, that House does nothing without the knowledge of repayment. A door held open, a not-so-sarcastic quip about his hair- and Chase learns that beneath every kindly look, House wants something, wants something from him; he is powerless to resist. For House is full of courtesy, soft touches and a softer mouth; House is full of craft, wicked fingers, wicked mind- taunting and teasing and leaving him trapped and wanting more. God so much more.
As you sow, so will you reap…
He isn’t sure. Isn’t sure how it happened, how he first lost control of the situation. It was sometime after hiring the second, but before the third, when his eyes turned upon Chase’s and he froze- only a moment, but House froze, and Chase saw and he knew. He has the power now. And House cannot grip onto the control he once held so tightly over him, watches as it slip-slip-slips through his fingers, ‘as you sow…’ House arches beneath the control Chase dances down his naked back, ‘so you will reap,’ and sin never tasted so good, or hurt so much, and godgodgod… he was losing control.
Appearances are deceptive…
It amuses him. It amuses him so much to learn, to learn the art of the manipulation and change himself from wide-eyed innocence to the deceptive, the lover in control. Chase sits, pencil chewed up in his mouth and grins about the end, sits and grins and smiles and laughs so silently at the comic irony as House exerts his control over him. And he lets him, lets House have his fun at work because when the day is done, Chase knows it’s playtime and then he’s incharge. He’s the one giving the demands, the abuse, the nails scratching down his back… House called him angel once, held him so close and spun like glass, but Chase has horns nowadays and now House calls him, ‘oh God, ohgodohgodohgod…’
The love of the wicked is more dangerous than their hatred.
 - - -
 - - -
Tags: [&]: [m/m]: gregory house/robert chase, challenge: housefic50: house/chase, fanfic: house md

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