Campaspe (cs_whitewolf) wrote,

HMDFanFic: The Shala [GH/JW/RC]

The Shala
House discovers that Chase likes to dance… with a pole, on a stage, in front of other men. He drags Wilson along for the show.
- - -
Story Details:
Rating(s): R/18-Rated
Pairing(s): Gregory House/ James Wilson/ Robert Chase.
Warning(s): Sexual Situations; Crossdressing (of a kind); Pole Dancing; Threesomes.
A/N: Some of the information pertaining to the strip club as well as its title ‘The Shala’ have been taken from Hugh Laurie’s novel ‘The Gun Seller’. I’d highly recommend this book for reading; it’s so damn amusing, and eerily House-esque at times!
A/N II: : Written as part of my 100_situations House/Wilson Table. Each chapter will relate to one of my prompts, as seen by chapter title.
- - -
| i. Horny | ii. Entrapment | iii. Illusive | iv. Blow | v. Want | to be continued... |
  - - -

Tags: [&]: [m/m]: house/wilson/chase, challenge: 100_situations: house/wilson, fanfic: house md, fic: series: the shala

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