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HMDFanFic: Predictability [GH/JW]

Title: Predictability
Author: cs_whitewolf
Rating(s): R/18-Rated [NC-17].
Pairing(s): Gregory House/ James Wilson.
Warning(s): Sexual Situations.
Word Count: 1276words.
Summary: Unbetad. House seeks refuge from Cuddy. Wilson finds him… in a storage cupboard.
Prompt: Written as part of my 100_situations House/Wilson Table. #oo1 Hide.
A/N: If anyone would like to prompt me on one of the prompts for my 100_Situations table, please feel free to do so!
 - - -
oo1 Hide
Wilson was barely able to yelp his surprise as he was yanked into the storage cupboard via his tie and shoved up against the swiftly shut door with a thud, a rough hand moving to cover his mouth as a body pushed up against his own.
“Don’t panic.” Wilson slumped in relief at the rough baritones of House’s voice as the older man leant down to whisper the command into his ear; the stubble of House’s beard against the softness of his own cheek sending a flutter through Wilson as he tried to steady and straighten himself.
House shifted closer, his hand still covering Wilson’s mouth as he touched their bodies intimately together.
“Cuddy’s looking for me, isn’t she?” House asked softly, smiling against Wilson’s cheek as the other man nodded his answer.
“So you thought you’d come and warn me?”
Wilson nodded again, his cheek rubbing deliciously against the roughness of House’s jaw before the older man lifted his head enough to nip at the shell of Wilson’s ear, his hand muffling another would-be yelp from the younger man.
House pulled away just far enough to meet Wilson’s gaze, to make out the glare in Wilson’s eyes as he caught sight of House’s grin through the semi-darkness of the storage cupboard.
“How very considerate of you, Wilson.” House purred, settling his free hand on the jut of Wilson’s hip, rubbing his thumb in a teasing dip along the bone and upper thigh.
Wilson licked at his lips, his tongue flicking against the palm of House’s hand with the movement, the action enough to dim House’s smile and make the older man drag his hand away, tugging Wilson’s lips apart with the tips of his fingers- desire flaring as Wilson kept his mouth parted, his lips pouting out and a flush brushing across his cheekbones as he watched House watching him, his gaze devouring as he leaned forward and hovered his mouth above Wilson’s teasingly.
“Wilson…” House breathed, the whisper of his name sending tingles through Wilson’s lips.
“House,” Wilson flushed as his voice hitched, his hands clenching in their newfound hold on House’s shirt. He swallowed heavily, licking at his lips once more before he tried speaking again.
“Why the storage cupboard, House?”
House dipped his head closer, his mouth touching ever so lightly at the corner of Wilson’s mouth.
“Because no one would think to look for me here.”
“I found you.” Wilson turned his face, trying to induce contact between their lips.
“I wanted you to find me.” House affirmed, smiling as he pressed another almost-kiss to the corner of his mouth.
“If I didn’t know you better, House,” Wilson tried, choking back a gasp as House moved to suckle at his jaw. “I’d say you lured me here simply to molest me.”
“Is that so?” House nipped playfully at his chin before moving up to hover over Wilson’s mouth once more.
Wilson just watched him; flickering his gaze from House’s eyes to his lips and back.
“It’s a good thing you know me better then,” House smirked at him before pulling back and making to step away.
Wilson tightened his grip on House’s shirt and tugged them chest-to-chest once more, leaning in to bite at House’s bottom lip.
“Don’t even think about it.” Wilson growled, lifting one hand to thread his fingers through House’s hair, tangling them tight enough to make House wince.
“I’d hate to be predictable,” House said, licking at his wounded lip.
Wilson made another growl-like sound in the back of his throat before jerking House’s head forward and pushing their mouths together in a clash of teeth and tongue and the promise of bruises and bite marks and swollen lips by the time they were done.
House moaned appreciatively as Wilson thrust his tongue into his mouth, laving at his own in a play of dominance before retreating cat-and-mouse back into his own mouth and coaxing House to follow, to push closer, to squeeze at Wilson’s hip with bruising tightness as the oncologist rolled his hips against House’s, rubbing their groins together with a head-rush of pleasure as he felt all the blood in his body migrate south and fill him to aching hardness.
House pulled away from Wilson’s mouth with a gasp, reaching up to brush Wilson’s hair from his face and tip his head back in the process before leaning forward to ravish his neck, tasting the sweat-slicked tang of his flesh as he trailed his mouth down, biting at the junction of neck and shoulder before sinking carefully to his knees and reaching urgently for Wilson’s belt buckle.
“House!” Wilson gasped, his legs parting automatically even as he reached down to catch at the older man’s hands. The logical part of his mind screaming at him that House’s leg was in no shape to be kneeling before him on the cold, uneven floor of the storage cupboard about to suck him off into blissful orgasm.
House knocked Wilson’s hands away without a word before tugging his belt open frantically and reaching for the button and zipper holding Wilson’s pants closed. He leaned in, pressing his face to Wilson’s abdomen in a rough scratch as he dragged Wilson’s pants and boxers down his hips.
He could feel the tremble in Wilson’s thighs as his shaft was exposed, enjoyed the buck of shock and the groan of pleasure he emitted as House took no time in slipping Wilson’s member into his mouth and sucking at it with fervour, using tongue and the faintest hint of teeth to drive Wilson to dizziness as he licked playfully at the weeping slit before taking as much of Wilson’s length into his mouth as he was able.
“Ungh… House!” Wilson’s moan was gasping, choked off as House swallowed him whole, his hands firm in stilling the bucking of his hips as Wilson tried desperately to thrust into his mouth. His whimpers increasing as House sped up the pace, pulling wanton cries and long, low moans from Wilson’s lips until- with one final bob of the head- he had Wilson coming; his head thrown back in pleasure as his orgasm rushed through him.
It was all Wilson could do to slump against the door behind him; House’s hands firm in their grip about his hips and likely the only reason he was still able to remain upright.
“You stand?” House asked hoarsely after a long pause of silence. Wilson nodded soundlessly, pushing himself more fully upwards and testing the stability of his legs a moment before reaching down to help House to his feet. He did not miss House’s wince as the older man gingerly put pressure on his right leg, bracing his arms either side of Wilson’s head as he gained his feet.
“You’re certainly not predictable.” Wilson managed to get out between breaths, watching as House looked up at him with a growing smirk, lowing one arm to encircle Wilson’s waist as he brought his head down to touch his lips against the younger man’s.
Wilson moaned appreciatively at the taste of himself upon House’s tongue, his own hand creeping between their bodies to touch at House’s crotch and feeling only a dampened patch where he’d expected to find House’s straining member.
It was Wilson’s turn to smirk as he pulled his mouth away and met House’s eyes with sudden mirth over the fact that House had clearly spent himself without so much as a touch from Wilson.
“Not a word.” House warned, pressing another kiss to his lips.
“Oh, I wouldn’t dream of it.” Wilson kissed him back with a smile. “I’d hate to be predictable after all.”
 - - -
 - - -
Tags: [&]: [m/m]: gregory house/james wilson, challenge: 100_situations: house/wilson, fanfic: house md

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