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25 August 2006 @ 10:24 pm
100_Situations Claim! [House/Wilson]  
In a moment of impulsive insanity I've found myself signing up for a 100_situations table, staking my claim on the pairing of House/Wilson [House MD]. I can only blink in bewilderment and pretend not to notice just how well my last big damn table [for Harry Potter] turned out. Ho-humm. I do have higher hopes this time round though- I mean, have you seen my Prompt Table!? Look at the pretty shiney-ness of those promts! Some of them are enough to get one salavating at the very thought of writing about these poor boys in each situation. I find I progressed from blinking to cackling at a rather alarming rate. Muhaha.

I do hope ya'll stay tuned, I expect to start posting the first of many at some point this weekend!
mood: creativecreative