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25 August 2006 @ 10:02 pm
100_Situations: Gregory House/James Wilson [Table 5]  

100_Situations: Table Five: House MD

Gregory House / James Wilson

| 1276words |
002.Amnesia 003.Funeral 004.The End 005.Lament
006.Crucify 007.Deaf 008.Cliff 009.Float 010.Engage
| The Shala |
012.Blizzard 013.Stoic 014.Steal 015.Love
016.A Close Shave 017.Threat 018.Answer 019.Whore 020.Slave
021.Lick 022.Fanatic 023.Misty 024.Ocean 025.Sting
026.Trample 027.Drop 028.Complain 029.Inject 030.Tour
031.Cough 032.Weapon 033.Horny
| The Shala |
034.Film 035.Change
036.Creep 037.Complete 038.Challenge 039.Blow
| The Shala |
041.Reminisce 042.Rain
| 683words |
043.Dive 044.Jobless 045.Bored
046.Smuggle 047.Starve 048.Lucky 049.Stoned 050.Spike
| The Shala |
052.Lake 053.Adventure 054.Prevention 055.Ill Mannered
056.Argument 057.Morose 058.Arrogant 059.Store 060.Game
061.Extreme 062.Natural 063.Break
| 267words |
064.Parch 065.Mobile
066.Sick 067.Slice 068.Rape 069.Piss 070.Fag
071.Needle 072.Frozen 073.Bed 074.Travel 075.News
| 1215words |
o77.Experiment 078.Entrapment
| The Shala |
079.Lunatic 080.Trapped
081.Quake 082.Dirt 083.Doctor 084.Blood 085.Caress
086.Puncture 087.Ride 088.Treatment 089.Hallucinate 090.Companion
091.Brick 092.Apparition 093.Memory 094.Slick 095.Smell
096.Writer‘s Choice. 097.Writer‘s Choice. 098.Writer‘s Choice. 099.Writer‘s Choice. 100.Writer‘s Choice.