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HMDFanFic: Flowers, for me? [GH/JW]

Title: Flowers, for me?

Part: [ 1 ] | [ 2 ]

Author: cs_whitewolf

On Website:
Rating(s): PG/13-Rated.

Pairing(s): Gregory House/ James Wilson.

Word Count: 1002words.

Summary: ‘Flowers, for me?’ House spoke, battering his eyelashes up at Wilson. I do declare, Doctor Wilson, you are my hero!’

A/N: I apologise in advance if I have butchered these characters in any way, but in my defence the thought of writing this fic was just too good to pass up ;)

*(miss)Quote from ‘A Streetcar Named Desire’.

 - - -


Flowers, for me?



House looked up with comical surprise and a steadily raising eyebrow as Wilson walked into his office with a bouquet of flowers, silently setting them down before House with a rather smarmy looking smile on his face.


House feigned a smile, leaning back in his chair and clasping his hands together. “Flowers, for me?” He spoke, his voice high-pitched with a rather botched attempt at a deep southern accent.


“Why I do declare, Doctor Wilson, you are my hero!” House battered his eyelashes up at Wilson who merely rolled his eyes over towards the ducklings who were watching with amusement, their brainstorming forgotten for the moment as they watched the interaction.


“Actually they’re from your girlfriend.” Wilson replied, casually sitting himself before House’s desk.


“Oh? Which one?” House answered flippantly, sitting forward.


“The one with no teeth that really turns you on.” Wilson replied with dead seriousness, inwardly smirking at the shocked- and rather grossed out- looks coming from House’s team.


House grinned over at him. “We broke up. She was good for head but useless for anything else.”


Even Wilson scrunched his face up House’s comment. “That’s more than fairly disgusting.” He replied sourly, the trio nodding their heads in agreement.


House waved his hand dismissively. “Which begs the question why she would be sending me flowers. Thinks she wants to get back together?”


“I’m not even going to humour you with that.” Wilson chuckled, pushing to his feet in a bid to leave before House’s own brand of humour took a spectacular turn for the worse.


“Or,” House continued as if Wilson hadn’t said anything, one of his knowingly wicked type grins tugging at his lips. “Maybe you’re just using her as an excuse to give me flowers yourself.”


Wilson allowed his hands to fall into place on his hips as he bestowed upon House a pointed look and a sarcastic reply. “Yes because I need such a lame excuse to flower you with my affections.”


Foreman snorted at this, calling House’s attention towards his team for the first time since Wilson had entered the room.


“You find something amusing, Foreman?” House asked, noting the suppressed smiles and smirks coming from Chase and Cameron.


“The gay jokes aside, House, the day Wilson actually seriously brings you flowers to show his affection is the day I’ll do your clinic hours and give you fifty bucks.”


House’s eyebrows all but climbed into his hairline as he grinned outright at Foreman’s words before turning to Wilson, “Flowers are only twelve dollars from the gift shop, Wilson, please feel free to show me your love.”


Wilson shook his head with a laugh. “I’m not buying you flowers, House.”


House pouted at him. “Why not? Don’t you love me anymore?”


Wilson could only smile in response. “And what do I get out of it?”


“The fulfilling knowledge that you’ve made me a very happy doctor?” House tried, knowing that Wilson would never cheat Foreman out of his money and into House’s clinic hours with such pathetic reasoning. One look at Wilson’s face told him that though Wilson found this scenario very amusing unless House was able to seriously tempt him, there was no way he’d be getting out of the clinic.


“Okay, that’s a stupid reason.” He agreed without further prompting. “How about I let you borrow my ex-girlfriend instead? She’s all about the giving.” House smiled brightly at the green-look that passed over Wilson’s face.


“House, you are one disturbing man.” Wilson muttered pressing the fingers of his left hand into his eyes as if in the vein effort to block out the mental images House’s suggestion had created. He waved offhandedly at his friend as he turned and made to leave the room.


“I’ll snog you if you bring me flowers.” House called after him. It was only the hint of seriousness behind his words that paused Wilson in his tracks, turning to face House sceptically.


“If I bring you flowers, you’ll snog me?” Wilson repeated slowly. House nodded, smiling with satisfaction. “Why would I bring you flowers with the prospect of that?”


House pressed his hand to his brow, “You wound me, Wilson. I know you’d love to snog me, I’m just giving you an excuse.” He winked suggestively.


“Yeah right,” Chase scoffed. “If Wilson brings you flowers knowing you’ll snog him, I’ll do both of your clinic hours. For a week.” He finished with a smug smile.


“I’ll take that bet!” Cameron jumped in before House could so much as blink his comprehension of Chase’s words.


House shot her a leering look, “Knew you’d be all into the hot man on man action, Cameron. You’re just trying to make the offer all the more tempting aren’t you? You little pervert.”


Cameron flushed pink- a colour Wilson was sure he could feel suffusing his own cheeks-, her mouth opening in defence but speaking no words of denial.


House turned back to Wilson. “What say you, Wilson?” House asked. “Bring me some flowers and not only do I win fifty bucks and get out of clinic hours for-,” He paused a moment, “for two weeks and a day,” He smiled fondly at the very thought. “But you get a snog from me and two weeks off clinic duty! Could anything be better than that?”


Wilson rubbed at the back of his neck, aware of everyone’s attention being focused solely on himself. “I don’t mind doing the clinic,” He eventually muttered, flinching slightly at the incredulous looks he received. “Then again, it is a rather tempting offer.”


He caught House’s eye and couldn’t help grinning at the pleading face he’d put on.


“Do I have some form of time constraint for this?” He asked with a sigh, watching as House’s grin became rather manic.


“Within the week.” Foreman replied, clearing his throat but not appearing too worried about his end of the bet. Wilson didn’t blame him. He didn’t even seriously expect to follow through on this. Though it really was a tempting offer.


 - - -


To Be Continued…?
Onwards to Part II


 - - -



Tags: [&]: [m/m]: gregory house/james wilson, character: [hmd]: gregory house, character: [hmd]: james wilson, fanfic: house md, fic: rating: pg/13, fic: series: flowers for me, fic: wordcount: 1000-5000

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