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HMDDrabble: Of Snapped Canes [Genfic.]

Title: Of Snapped Canes

Author: cs_whitewolf

On Website:

Rating(s): U-Rated.

Pairing(s): None.

Word Count: 267words.

Summary: Set at the end of 2.16 Safe, after Wilson leaves House sitting on the floor with nothing but a broken cane and a smile on his face.
Prompt: Added as part of my [info]100_situations House/Wilson Table #o63 Break.


 - - -


[Set at the end of 2.16 Safe.]



House could scarcely believe it. Even sitting as he was on the floor, his cane snapped in two and watching Wilson’s smarmy little walk away from the scene, House could only smile, shaking his head with a fondness that he’d hardly had cause to feel before. Wilson had finally started pranking him back.


Grinning, House collected the pieces of his cane and pushed awkwardly to his feet, ignoring for the moment the twinges of pain shooting up his leg as he hobbled back towards the elevator, his mind already focussing on the payback he’d bestow upon Wilson.


“House?” Still grinning, House looked up; the pieces of his cane clutched almost lovingly in his hand as he waited for the elevator to arrive.


“Foreman.” House greeted, watching as Foreman’s eyes flickered over his broken cane, an eyebrow raising itself in question.


The elevator door pinged open and House limped his way inside, turning to face Foreman with a bemused sort of smile.


“Wilson broke my cane.” He replied to the unasked question, sighing in a manner that bespoke his happiness of the fact.


Foreman stared at him a moment before smiling back, shaking his head at his employer as he stepped into the lift beside House. If it had been anyone else, Foreman was sure they’d be staring at House as if he’d finally grown the second head they’d been waiting for but never seriously expected to see. If it had been anybody else… Foreman smiled wider, refusing to look over and witness House’s continued good humour.


Only Wilson could make House that happy about snapping his cane.


 - - -




 - - -



Tags: challenge: 100_situations: house/wilson, character: [hmd]: gregory house, character: [hmd]: james wilson, fanfic: house md, fanfic: house md: coda: 2.16

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