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DWDrabble: He just want's to know why... [Jack/Doctor]

He just wants to know why… 

 - - -

Did you know, Doctor?

The Doctor- this Doctor- is six kinds of crazy, bouncing around Tardis and whichever random planet he’s decided to take Rose to this time as if everything is so very new and exciting for him, like a kid at Christmas seeing a mountain of presents laid under the tree and knowing that they were all for him but having no idea what most of them could be- what could be behind that brightly wrapped package? That trapdoor in the Tardis? What mystery now was there to solve on a planet he’s never been to before but somehow knows everything about?

Did you mean to do it, Doctor?

The Doctor- this Doctor- he’s everything and nothing like the one he used to know- the one he knew; thought he knew, desperately wished he’d known better, a little closer, a little more intimately- just one kiss was never enough, but it was enough to face down the Daleks with. He knew he would die. He’d expected to die. But he hadn’t, somehow he hadn’t- but the Doctor, his Doctor, had left him anyway.

Rebuilding the world! That’s what Jack’s doing, he’ll rebuild the world for us.

He just wants to know why- why, Doctor, why? Why did you leave me there? Alone with only dead bodies for company and no hope of survival- no hope, Doctor- do you know what that’s like? Do you, Doctor?- And he knows the Doctor knows- this Doctor- that he understands, that somehow he didn’t know Jack was alive and kicking and rushing down hallways, dodging corpses just to see the Tardis vanish away like it had never even been there- and it wasn’t coming back. He knew that- it. wasn’t. coming. back.

Try to understand, Jack... understand, Jack... try...

He just wants to know why…

- - -


- - -

Tags: [&]: [m/m]: jack harkness/the doctor, character: [dw]: jack harkness, character: [dw]: ninth doctor, character: [dw]: tenth doctor, fanfic: doctor who, fic: rating: pg/13, fic: wordcount: 100-500

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