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DrWhoFiclet: Differences Between [Ninth Doctor/Jack]

Differences Between


 - - -


Rating(s): R-Rated.

Pairing(s): Ninth Doctor/Captain Jack.

Warning(s): Mentions of Sexual Situations.

Word Count: 566.

A/N: I’m not entirely sure why I had the sudden urge to write a Dr Who Porn-ish-type-thingy, but here ya go anyway! It’s only a little drabble-bordering-ficlet, but it’s my first dabbling in the Dr Who fandom. If there is anyone on my flist who knows of a place I can pimp this to, please comment! Everyone else? Read and comment anyway ;) Unbetad and written well past my bedtime!


 - - -


“And here I thought you had a thing for the lovely Ms Rose.” Jack sneers cockily as the Doctor shoves him bodily against the side of the Tardis; his hips thrusting forward to grind at Jack’s already interested cock even as the Captain feigns a struggle against the Doctor’s vice-like grip around his pinned wrists.


“The difference between ‘a thing’ and sex, Jack,” Leers the Doctor with a grin Jack just wants to suck off his face, “Is that sex is so much more willing, so less complicated. You are sex, Jack. Are you willing sex, Jack?”


“Willing sex?” Jack asks with a dry mouth and flexing hips. “Only if you ask nicely, Doctor. It would be a shame if Rose had to find out.”


The Doctor smirks at him, laughs a little and leans in precariously close, licking a wet trail up his neck to his ear, daring to suck the lobe into his mouth with nibbling teeth.


“Oh god,” Jack groans, a soft sound; barely audible but loudly heard by the Doctor as he releases the lobe and brushes his face- cheek to cheek- across Jack’s till they are facing- noses, mouths, breath an expectant tingle across lips- and the Doctor is amused, clearly.


“Just Doctor will do, Jack,” He says, leaning forward to lick across Jack’s breathlessly parted lips, “For now.”


Then they are pressed mouth to opened mouth; a slip of tongue, the brush of early stubble against their lips, and Jack’s hands are suddenly free and latching, to the Doctor’s shoulders, his waist, clinging to the back of his head and drawing him closer, tugging them even further together whilst the Doctor fumbles with buttons and belts- and where the hell is a sonic screwdriver when you need one?- then there is flesh on flesh and the sweet slick of sweat beneath roaming hands as they touch and tease and bring each other to the peak of pleasures.


“Doctor?” Rose’s voice echoes from somewhere close. The alleyway? The inside of the Tardis? Jack neither knows nor cares, biting roughly at the Doctor’s mouth when he has the audacity to pause, to think. “Doctor, where are you?”


“Doctor?” Jack growls, one hand clinging to his shoulder whilst the other is helping jerk the Doctor off, his hand constricting a little… a little more, until he has some attention. The Doctor’s eyes are dilated, dark and deep and burning and Jack shivers and whimpers and shoots his release after another few tugs, his come coating them both.


When the Doctor comes, it’s with a sigh and a searing kiss- then he is gone; tucking himself away with ease, a perverse little grin on his face as he ruffles Jack’s hair and steps back, away- circling the Tardis and calling for the lovely Ms Rose in that cheerful little voice that belies any hint of the moment they have just shared.


Jack cannot help but grin as he cleans himself up and zips his pants closed. Willing sex? Jack? Of course he’s willing sex, especially when he’s getting what Rose can only dream of. And he knows, knows the Doctor will keep coming back to him, if not for the sharing of mutual desires then at least to make sure Jack keeps his silence, keeps his word. Because the Doctor does have a thing for Rose. But he also has a thing with Jack.


 - - -




 - - -


Tags: [&]: [m/m]: jack harkness/the doctor, character: [dw]: jack harkness, character: [dw]: ninth doctor, fanfic: doctor who, fic: rating: r/18, fic: wordcount: 500-1000

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