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CS WhiteWolf/BR Recent Uploads

Another month zooming on by and really, I've not much to show for it save alot of squeeing over my shiny new fandom [Supernatural] and two fics to add to its sparkly new category on my shared website [], and so I'll combine this update with that of the actual fiction 'Beyond Redemption' to at least make it look like I've been doing something other than obsessing this past month... not that obsessing is necissarily a bad thing you understand! We'll pretend I didn't sign a returns slip 'CS Winchester' at work the other day. ::shifty::

CS WhiteWolf :

Supernatural (One Off's):
PG/13 - Mild Content

Do You Remember (DW/SW; Set after episode 1.16: Shadow; Sleep is a hard thing to come by, when you're afraid of the dark and the shadows dancing on the walls...)
Monday (DW/SW, DW/JW; Pre-SPN; Dean copes with Sam’s leaving, or rather he doesn’t cope. Good thing his father is around to try and pick up his pieces.)

Sisters of Darkness [aurora_enkeli & cs_whitewolf]

Beyond Redemption (Uploaded Chapters):
Beyond Redemption: Part I (Chapters 11-20 added.)

Beyond Redemption Side Stories:
PG/13 - Mild Content
Don't Leave (Gennish. Pre-BR; (set in Malfoy Manor the night that Lucius leaves for the Department of Mysteries, followed by Draco’s reaction to the events the next morning) Narcissa begs Lucius to reconsider going, if not for her then for Draco.)

R/18 - Adult Content
Bitterblue [In The Silence of the Night] (HP/SB; Pre-BR. A look into how the relationship between Harry and Sirius started.)
Coitobalnism (DM/LM; Pre-BR; A glimpse into the summer at Malfoy Manor and the time spent between Draco and Lucius.)
Daddy's Little Dragon (DM/LM; Pre-BR; Lucius’ return to Malfoy Manor after his time in Azkaban.)
More Than Words (SS/RL; A look into how Remus would have felt over/dealt with Severus’ overdosing on his potions. [set on the same day as Chapter 26 was and relates with the incidents from previous chapters].)
More Than Ever (Parts I and II uploaded; SS/RL; detailing the healing of one Severus Snape. Set directly after the events in Chapter 43 of BR.)
On A Night Like This (SS/RL; Pre-BR/ish; A glimpse into the nature of Severus and Remus' relationship.)

Harry Potter (Non-BR; One Off's):
R/18 - Adult Content
The Best Sort Of Present (SS/HP/RL-ish; Remus always managed to think up the best sort of presents... )
The Healing (RL/HP; Harry grieves, Remus helps him heal.)

Ahem. I suck, very much. It's when I look at this and see how much BR I've uploaded compared to the dismalness of my own two fics that it hits me that I've been the sloth of all writing sloths. Again. le sigh. If I could just get the twenty-million or so half-written files off my harddrive (not to mention the next chapter of BR Part II finished!) and up onto the net then I'd be jamming, but alas- it's just really not for happening. :S Ungh. Cummon June, be a better month for me! ::mantra::
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