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It occurs to me that it is almost the end of April, and that all I've to show for the month thus far is this rather insignificat post as opposed to the bazillion and one fics I'd hoped to get out to you all this month. Ungh. I feel like such a writing sloth at the moment. For the sake of updating my poor, neglected LJ though, I'll let you all know that I've gone and uploaded another batch of my stories to my shared website []. All reviews over on are, of course, much appreciated!

Harry Potter (One Off's):
PG/13 - Mild Content

Don't Go (RL/SS; Post-HBP. No Spoilers. Remus finds Severus at Grimmauld Place and begs him not to leave. Angst Ensures.)
Ever and Always (RL/SS; Forever and always, always and ever, time gave both darkness and dreams to you…)
Snow, White (SS/Albus, SS/Aberforth; There is a certain silence the falling of snow necessitates as it descends in a gentle hush upon the earth... )

R/18 - Adult Content
Breath of Life (...and Death) (LL/Grey Lady; People call her Loony Lovegood. They say she’s mad and not all there. They don’t know the half of it.)
Goblet of Fire (SS/IK; Snape catches Karkaroff doing something he shouldn't. Karkaroff persuades Snape not to tell anyone.)
HRM (HP/RW/DM; Porn. There is no plot to this whatsoever.)

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