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Dear firenze_festand triwizardfqf,

Campaspe would like to apologise for not meeting your respective deadlines but will submit her entries as soon as she is physically able to. Unfortunately Real Life (bitch as it is) has taken over and left her little time to finish off the fics she owes you, but would like to assure you that you will recieve her entries!

firenze_fest: As soon as I can type up my fic (no later than Sunday, I swear!)... I suck at co-moding ::grovels::

triwizardfqf: Before the end of the first week of April, promise!

Thank you,
CS WhiteWolf

EDT: Still incomplete as of 25th April. It occurs to me that I suck, very much. And not in a good way at all.
Tags: on writing: challenges, on writing: writing in progress

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