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Snape and who!?

I am feeling very distressed right now.


I have a new addiction.


I completely blame the Snape Rareslash Ficathon and snape_rarepairs for it.


Not only am I addicted to Snape rarepairs, I’m now also apparently addicted to Snapeldore.


No seriously, Severus Snape/Albus Dumbledore has completely pwned me since Saturday evening.


I am severely traumatised at the moment.


I’ve been reading this pairing all day now.


I have discovered that there is almost no mention at all of Dumbledore’s beard with this pairing- despite him having enough facial hair for the both of them. Is it because people know that that would be just *too* squicky to read?


I now have the urge to read about Dumbledore’s beard/Severus Snape.


I do not! I do not! I do NOT want to read about Dumbledore’s bead. Really.


I did not just make this Snapeldore icon either. Ho-humm.
Tags: fandom: harry potter, mood: b'wah!?, mood: madness y/y?, mood: o noes!

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