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18 March 2006 @ 09:45 pm
Of Pimps and Recs  

The Snape Rareslash Masterlist is up!

The Snape Rareslash Masterlist is up for anyone inclined to check it out, and I do so recommend that you do. There are some truly fantastic pieces of Snape rareslash to read on it with pairings ranging from Snape/Hagrid and Snape/Dumbledore to Snape/Lockhart and Snape/Karkaroff and my own personal and completely biased favourite- the Severus Snape/Salazar Slytherin!


Written by the wonderful rexluscus, ‘The Weight of History’ [SS/Slytherin] is a really powerful piece of prose that will leave you squirmishly-hot and bothered (and more than a little disturbed) by the end of it. You’ll love it, I promise! The best thing about it though?- it was written for me! :D ::squishes fic and author:: I adore it to bits!


Speaking of Snape, rarepairs and rexluscus, I must take a moment to pimp her rather new LJ community ‘snape_rarepairs’, which is dedicated to pairing Severus Snape with… well anybody who’s more or less a nobody, in other words: those poor unfortunate characters who don’t have quite so large a Snape-slashing fanbase. Blessem. The comm. is proving to be a hit at the moment, so I implore anyone who’s a fan of Snape rare-pairs to head on over! 


In related ramblings, for those of you on my flist avoiding my own entry in the Snape Rareslash Ficathon, I beseech you- please don’t be alarmed by the rather frightfulness of the pairings, the story isn’t as worrisome at such a combination might suggest it to be. I had barely anyone off my flist read it yet :( Honestly, I promise you wont be too emotionally scarred by the end of ‘Snow, White’  [SS/Aberforth, SS/Albus] (found on LJ and br.net), it’s really a very prettily angsty piece with a very low rating- go on, you know you want to!


That is being all for now, methinks.



CS WhiteWolf


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