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13 March 2006 @ 08:27 pm
A little help...?  
My mind seems to have gone temporarily a-blank and cannot direct me to the feature that changes comment pages on paid LJ's back to the 'normal' kind (ie, the black on white), is there anybody out there on my flist able to help me with this? 

Also, I shall be requiring a beta (or two) towards the end of March for my (still unnamed) triwizardfqf fic, info on which can be found somewhere towards the end of
this post. Are their any volunteers? (Apart from you aurora_enkeli, you're one of my beta's whether you like it or not! ;P)

For someone who was aiming at a 10,000 word count for this fic ::scoffs:: I'm now sitting at a measly-

Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
2,303 / 10,000

-(2303)words at this specific moment in time. I could almost hurrumph at the fact, but then I do have just over two weeks to correct that.

I have also discovered as of yesterday that I have a 1000word fic to write for quasi_hayley's '
Snape Rareslash Ficathon', (due the 15th March) which I had honestly and completely forgotten about despite the fact that I was so very excited by the pairing opportunities presented to me- so of course, now that it's due in pretty much two days time, I cannot think of a thing to write in regards to any of the pairings, despite the prompts that came with them. Head, meet desk. 

So despite using my little hiatus to try and get a handle on my writing/deadlines, I find myself approaching yet another deadline with all the finese of a dancing troll, who doesn't dance so much as stumble its way through all the steps, hoping in vein that it resembles anything remotely like what its supposed to by the end of it. Not that a troll would care much either way of course. Or be dancing for that matter. Campaspe has obviously not been getting enough sleep. No really, she's not usually like this at all. ...honest? :S

mood: annoyedannoyed
music: City Girl § Tegan and Sarah