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CS WhiteWolf's Recent Uploads

The following works of fiction have been uploaded to my shared website [] for those of you interested. I'm gradually hoping to get the majority of my work archived on the site, so that (almost) everything I've ever written will be easily accessable to anyone looking for it. I'd love to see some reviews if anyone toddles along and reads a fic or two- it would be much appreciated :)

Harry Potter (One Off's):
U - Suitable For All
Like The Deserts Miss The Rain (RL/SS; Remus cannot help but keep looking, keep searching for him- for Severus, even though he knows all hope is lost...)

PG/13 - Mild Content
I Don't Want To Miss A Thing (HP/DM; The night before the final battle, Harry spills his heart to a sleeping Draco.)
The Curtain (HP/SB; Harry dreams of loss and longing; the curtain that flutters tauntingly before him. Sirius is there to comfort him.) 

R/18 - Adult Content
Toujours pur (SB/RB; Regulus cannot stop looking at the veins that connect them, at the blood that makes this wrong.)

Lord of the Rings (WIP):
PG/13 - Mild Content
Wild Justice (2006version; Legolas/OC, Legolas/Elrond; Legolas has fled both from Mirkwood and his lover, seeking sanctuary within the boarders of Imladris. He has told no one of his departure and he will tell no one his reasons. Why has our Prince fled? And from what does he flee?) 

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