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13 February 2006 @ 12:34 am
One very happy Wolfy  

Oh, I am just aflutter with love and adoration for both carpe_slytherin and aurora_enkeli  this evening! ::gushes like crazy:: For both in their own ways have gifted me with Snarry p0rn fic of the Severus/Harry variety!


I insist you all go and read the hotness that is…:


A Rational Man by carpe_slytherin (which made me go rather insane with the squeeness of it all!)


Kiss by aurora_enkeli (which made me smirk with the satisfaction of it all!)


Aren’t they both so very purdy? ::snuggles and smooches all round::

Caspe is a very happy, sated, and sleepy Wolfy right now and will be having sweet, sweet dreams this evening! :D

Peace all,

mood: ecstaticecstatic