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01 February 2006 @ 10:56 pm
February: Some things to look out for this month…  

February: Some things to look out for this month…


1. Signed myself up for wishforthemoon’s ‘28 Days Later Challenge' [HP/RL], in which one must post a chapter a day for the month of February. ::headdesk:: Yes, yes, I am fully aware of how insane I am. They posted the challenge yesterday and- though a bit of notice wouldn’t have been amiss- I somehow couldn’t resist it. Looks like I may be the only one taking part though :S oh dear…


The prompt I ended up picking was ‘d. Harry is attacked by Fenrir’. Hopefully I can keep this going for the month, and I fully expect anyone on my flist who chooses to read it, to help pester me to post a chapter a day!


Anywho, here’s the first chapter of what I’ve tentatively named ‘Blood Moon’.


2. shaychana and myself have posted the ‘Firenze Fest’ over on by_the_fountain, please one and all go check it out (and sign yourself up!) claiming and posting of fics/art lasts thought till March so you have plenty of time to complete your challenge! I’ll love you forever if you sign up (and pimp it!), pretty pwease? 


3. darkmoore and shaychana: the giftfics I said I’d write you for the wonderful banners you made me will be finished at some point this month! Sorry for taking so long!


4. spygirl690: I will finally get a chance to speak/email you at some point this week about your fic! Feel free to crucio me should I not get back to you by the weekend!


5. Wild Justice, people! Has been updated with Chapter II. Did you guys miss it, or do you hate it already? :P Just kidding. If you read, please let me know your thoughts! It’s my baby you see.


6. My triwizardfqf is coming along nicely, odd considering it’s pretty much P0rny all the way thought, but well, Snape/Karkaroff is my secret OTP at the moment, I’ll hopefully have this one finished at some point this month too! Weeee! …now if only I could come up with a title…


7. Beyond Redemption? Ah yes… that one… ::whistles::


That is being it all for now, my lovelies!


CS WhiteWolf

mood: busybusy
^..^-Kat-^..^spygirl690 on February 1st, 2006 06:57 pm (UTC)
thank you so much for even taking the time to look it over. Someone else's imput is greatly appreciated. I mean I love writing it but if its looking like its going to suck well then - I have other stories to work on. :op I love your icon! Lion King is still one of my favorite movies. Disney is like my guilty pleasure. Its sad! I'm actually thinking about making a crack!hp fanvid ss/hp to the song "someday my prince will come". ha ha ha.
Campaspe: Squee!cs_whitewolf on February 3rd, 2006 10:23 am (UTC)
No worries, I'm glad to be of help (and have coincidentaly just emailed you my thoughts back! :D) Heh, cute isn't he? I loved Lion King but the part when Simba's dad is killed always got me ::tear:: My fav Disney has to be Mulan though, I just adore that one so very much- and huzzah! to Disney love!