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Quick Question...

Just a quick 'Goblet of Fire' book question: can anyone tell me offhand what chapter the scene with Karkaroff showing Severus his arm was in? Harry was lingering back in class cleaning up some armadillo bile(?) he'd 'spilt' and Karkaroff was trying to show Severus the Dark Mark on his arm?

I'm about to start a re-read of the book but am too impatient to wait till I find that scene myself and flicking through the book hasn't really helped me any :S ...not that I've done a thorough flick through mind...

Any help would be greatly appreciated as I need the info for the triwizardfqf fic I'm working on.

Thanks all!
CS WhiteWolf

Thanks aurora_enkeli for the uber quick responce to this! For anyone interested, this scene appears in Chapter 27 entitled 'Padfoot Returns'.
Tags: fandom: harry potter, fandom: harry potter: gof, misc: a little help...?

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