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Current Deadlines: version 4.0

Current Deadlines
Version 4.0


15th January Completed 16th January.: Wild Justice chapter 27 to be completed/posted.


February: Thank you fics for darkmoore, shaychana and txilar to be completed/posted.
§ Darkmoore Requirements: Snarry; angst but not character death; a happy ending but no fluff.
§ Shaychana Requirements: to feature Argus Filch; prompt of ‘magic through non-magic eyes’.
§ Txilar Requirements: Regulus centric (slash with Remus Lupin); nighttime setting, around the FullMoon (before/after transformation); angst is okay too.


Beginning of February/End of March: triwizardfqf entry due. Prompt: Karkaroff seduces each of the champions. While Snape watches. Notes: Posting on site; beta needed; 500words min.

15th March: quasi_hayley's 'Snape Rareslash Ficathon' entry due. Notes: Beta needed; 1000words min. I've just found out who's prompt I'm writing for, this will certainly be an interesting pairing to write! Completed March 16th: Snow, White. [SS/Aberforth; SS/Albus].

31st March: by_the_fountain's 'Firenze Fest' entry due. Pairing: Firenze/Voldemort - How jammy am I! Notes: 500words min.

1st May: squick_me's 'First Squickathon' entry due. Prompt/Pairing: "Would you like to look into my crystal ball?"[500words], Trewlaney/Firenze[200words]. Notes: 700words min.

17th July: ‘Bringing Back the Dead’ challenge. Hosted by furiosity and incognito. Pairing: Harry/Sirius(resurrected); Harry/Severus. Notes: Only canon death-rebirth allowed; 3000words min; beta needed; link to finished fic in comments.

Undefined Deadlines:

Fields of Gold (Unposted WIP- SB/HP, possible SS/HP.)

Tangled Web (Unposted WIP- genfic, possibly a pre-Snarry.)

Tuesday’s Dead (One Off- JP/SS/SB, SS/HP)

Pinefresh (One Off- CD/HP)

White Walls : Chapter V

Wild Justice: Chapter 28 (Unposted on LJ).

I think I’m doing fairly well in resisting the urge to sign up for everything popping up at the moment. I’m sure this will change soon since Aurora has taken me over this year and become addicted to signing up for anything and everything, though I rather hope not as I have many things I wish to accomplish this year and I know signing up for more challenges (esp. when I still have my FanFic100 to finish!) is just asking for trouble!

Wish me luck with what I’ve got so far folks, and pester me to get things done if you find me lacking! I have many more ‘Undefined Deadlines’ lurking about but the 6posted are the ones I’m really keen to get a head on!


CS WhiteWolf

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