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29 December 2005 @ 06:36 pm
A quick ramble...  

It was my littlest sister’s birthday yesterday, and I promised to take her out for dinner and the movies as has become our yearly way of celebrating the occasion, but before I dash, I have loads a few things to ramble on about first!


The first thing being that the Snupin Secret Santa’s have been revealed! Whoot! This means I can now claim to have written what I wrote, that being:


Title: To Trust
Rated: PG13.
Pairing(s): Severus Snape/ Remus Lupin.
Warning(s): None.
Dedication/Prompt: For dizilla who requested: The Order has captured SupposedTraitor!Snape and he's only willing to talk to the ‘bloody werewolf’.

Big thanks to edhelur and aurora_enkeli for their beta-ing skills. I will no doubt be going over this fic again when I get a chance to riddle out the lingering tense changes that I missed myself. Plus the fact that there have been several demands for a sequel, which I must admit I do have a fondness of the idea!


Oh, and will someone please remind me to not only reply to the reviews left for me over on lupin_snape, but for me to actually post the fic on my own LJ? I’ve been such a ditz when it comes to these things on LJ as of late! (Sorry if I spammed you the other night, Senjy! ;)


The fic I received for the Snupin Secret Santa, ‘Wormwood’ I discovered today was written by rexluscus- I am so uber happy to have discovered the identity of my Snupin Santa that as soon as I get a spare moment to breathe, I’ll be heading on over to his/her LJ and fangirling like crazy, heh.


Another thing to note is that the wonderful avatar I am using was gifted to me by the lovely thewenchywiccan, of whom I would like to smother in kisses for such a delightful pic- sexy beast indeed! :D


BR, people, chapter 3, in the works- if it’s not out tomorrow spank me it’ll be out on Monday (because with New Years and the next-day hangover having to work the day after, I’ll likely not get a chance until then!


Until I return,


CS WhiteWolf

mood: bouncybouncy