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Snape Moodtheme... ?

I have found me a Severus Snape moodtheme, it's fabulous really and glomped from goth_clark. I'm not sure if I'll keep it though as there are only 50images to it and well, my 'mood images' keep on repeating even if my moods vary. Which isn't too bad since they're all of Severus, but ya know!

So folks, I'm asking any and all of you out there to hit me with links to either adorable Snape (or Snarry!) moodthemes (or even a fav moodtheme you may have that has nothing to do with Severus/Snarry/HP at all!) so I can check about before deciding what to stick with. That said, should I be unable to find anything (or even if I can!), anyone have any Severus Snape (or Snarry) pictures they can spam me with? Then I can try and figure out how to make my own! :D

In other news I'm feeling extremely... blank and unproductive at the moment. I don't like it one bit. I have like a bazillion things to do it's just all so *headsplody* ::dramatic sigh::
Tags: character: [hp]: severus snape, lj: moodtheme(s), ramble(s)

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