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FanFic100: 025: Strangers [SS/RB]

Title: Strangers

Author: cs_whitewolf

Rating(s): PG/13-Rated.

Pairing(s): Severus Snape/ Regulus Black; Insinuations of SB/SS and SB/RB.

Warning(s): Mentions of Sexual Situations; Mild Hint at Non-Con/Incest.

Word Count: 314.

Prompt: Big Damn Table 025: Strangers.

A/N: One day I’ll actually write something more than Drabbles and Ficlety things for this pairing, but for now I leave you with this rather spur of the moment piece! Enjoy!


 - - -


By day they were strangers. Two young men blending into the background of black-robed students as they fight their way through the throngs of younger years to get to classes, to lunch, to common rooms. There existed nothing to link them to one another, nothing at all save a badge, a house- lair of serpents slinking their way through the day.


By night they were lovers. Two young men writhing together on a bed of silk green, slithering against each other, bodies slick with sweat and lust and desire, their voices renting the air around them with husky shouts and deeper moans. There existed between them deep soul searching looks, touches and arches of the body that spoke louder than their hushed hoarse cries, as they spilt their desires into the night.


Two strangers going about their lives- no acknowledgement by light, never separated by night.


When the Gryffindors taunt and tease him- Regulus turns and walks away. It’s no choice between brother and lover, for by day there exists nothing more than a house to connect them. It tears his heart a little more every time.


When his brother turns his sadistic tendencies upon him- Severus ignores him, turns and walks the other way least he receive the brunt of Black’s ire instead. It’s no choice between right and wrong, but of survival- he has no wish to be the martyr. Though sometimes he wishes it isn’t so.


To be strangers- it’s just easier to be as strangers to one another. For when Black corners one or the other, when he uses either’s body as he would, when he pulls the moans and cries from his mouth when he should not- it’s easier, on heart and soul and the guilt of the conscience, it’s easier to pretend that there exists nothing between them. Nothing at all.


Turn and walk the other way.




 - - -




 - - -


Tags: [&]: [m/m]: severus snape/regulus black, challenge: fanfic100: severus/regulus, character: [hp]: regulus black, character: [hp]: severus snape, fanfic: harry potter, fic: rating: pg/13, fic: wordcount: 100-500

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