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HPDrabble: Tender Touches [HP/RL]

Tender Touches


 - - -


Rating(s): PG/13-Rated.

Pairing(s): Harry Potter/ Remus Lupin.

Warning(s): None.


Dedication: For Reddwarfer who deserves all the Harrimus I can write for pimping such an underrated pairing (and because I’m teh sucky and feel I owe her a Harrimus because I never did get round to finishing that Boy_Who_Scored Challenge for her! Sorry, babe, I’m a horrid person and should be punished most severely for my heinous crimes ::hands over whips and cuffs::)


 - - -


The touch was tender, tentative, a brush of tepid fingers against his heated flesh, a soft kiss to his bared shoulder, a hesitant whisper of a name spoken into the darkness of the room.


Remus rolled onto his back, pushing the thin sheet down to pool in his lap, rubbing at his rugged face a moment before turning to look at the young man beside him.


“You okay?” Harry asked, trailing a hand through the fuzz of hair on Remus’ chest.


Remus offered him up a shaky smile, the sweat of nightmarish dreams still beading his brow as he stretched his arms above his head, arching his back with a yawn and a moan as Harry’s hand slipped to his lower belly, leaning in to nuzzle at his neck, flittering kisses up the length towards his ear, nibbling lightly at the lobe before pushing himself further up the bed to lean over and meet his lips with Remus’ own.


The touching of mouths was merely a brushing before Harry pulled away once more, questions in his eyes as he stared down into Remus’ darkened gaze. The older man reached up, grasping at Harry’s upper arms, holding him in position a moment before tugging him down and into a deeper and more demanding kiss, a touch of tongue to lips, as they moved against each other, chests aligned and heaving slightly.


Remus loosened his grip on Harry’s upper arms, skimming his palms up over the younger man’s shoulders, one hand curving up around the back of his neck- fingers threading though soot-black hair, the other, sliding sensually downwards, curling over the contours of Harry’s back to stay upon his hip, with a stroke and a squeeze.


Mouths parted with smiles twisting at their lips. Harry lifted his hand to Remus’ face, running his finger down the angles of his cheekbone, his jaw, the slight dip before chin met lip- he leaned in, a chaste, clinging kiss as he sucked the other man’s lower lip into his mouth, pulling away with a sated smile, love shining in his eyes to be reflected in Remus own.


Harry slipped off Remus’ chest, curling himself up against his lover’s side, fingers splaying across the older man’s chest. Remus’ hand moved across his, twining their fingers together as he turned his head to bestow a kiss upon Harry’s brow.


 - - -




 - - -



Tags: [&]: [m/m]: harry potter/remus lupin, character: [hp]: harry potter, character: [hp]: remus lupin, fanfic: harry potter, fic: rating: pg/13, fic: wordcount: 100-500

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