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HPFiclet: One Moment In Time [RB/SB]

I’m not quite sure as to what I was trying to achieve here with this piece, or even if I’ve managed to achieve anything it at all. But it’s an odd sort of flowery(?), smutty(?)... thing. If you take the time to read it, please comment- I kind of like it myself.


One Moment In Time


Rating(s): PG-13/R-Rated.

Pairing(s): Though unspecified: Sirius/ Regulus.

Warning(s): Odd sort of prose count?


 - - -


Pale skin, white as alabaster; he lies. Cheeks flushing with delicate colour, an early blush rose, pink on ivory; he sleeps. Lips, plump and full and moist as he licks at them, wets them with a sliver of tongue, flicking over in a sweeping slide; he awakens. Eyes fluttering, blinking slowly- once, twice- a smear of dark lashes across cheeks as sleep evades him, mouth parting for a gasp of breath; he yawns. Fingers curling lightly in the sheets, smooth chest heaving; he breathes.


A drop of moonlight on his face, it filters in through partly drawn curtains; he turns away. The rustle of sheets as he moves, hand reaching out- out, grasping at the empty space beside him, confused whimper spilling from his lips- and then, skin. Warm and yielding- (holding, squeezing)- hand on hand he holds- fingers entwining, moving closer, a sleepy breath expelled as he nuzzles- face into shoulder, fingers running through his hair, dark as night and soft as silk on skin.


He breathes once more, he breathes again, parted lips on skin, a kiss. An almost touching- intimate gesture of loving, caring, “I love you,” whispered, tickle of air across his cheek, a smile, twist of lips, he smiles, sleep expelled he presses lips into kisses, smooth column of pale throat he climbs, stubbled jaw and hard male lips, pliant and yielding to him, exploration of dark cavern mouths, tongues twisting in intimate gestures of dances, slick and sliding, mouths joined and moving- slow and sensual touches- the breaking of dawn.


Cool light shining, sneaking through the curtained darkness- patterns of light across the bed- two bodies, brothers joined together, illicit incest, a bonding; the coupling of pure and unadulterated loving, needing, forms moving, sweat beaded bodies and hands roaming freely- touching, mapping, feeling their way around well memorized skin.


He moans; dark lashed fluttering, back arching up, up, mouth parted now in silent ‘O’ of soundless pleasure, eyes wide and rolling; a tangle of sheets as they lie collapsed against each other, blue-grey eyes mirrored, watching love and lust and fulfilment shining, arms holding, bodies melding- as one, together- as one; they lie, together. Pale skin shines with powdery flush, a light cerise as dawn light touches his naked chest- rising, falling, breathes slowing and evening out as they lie- entwined, together, sated sleep claiming them. Eyes heavy with sudden fatigue, eyelashes a smear across bright cheeks, a puff of exhaled breath, fingers twitching against heated skin; they sleep.


 - - -




 - - -


Tags: [&]: [m/m]: sirius/regulus black, character: [hp]: regulus black, character: [hp]: sirius black, fanfic: harry potter, fic: rating: r/18, fic: wordcount: 100-500

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