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[criminal minds] series: a question of coffee [Spencer Reid/Sean Hotchner]

a question of coffee ([ profile] );
Criminal Minds | series: a question of coffee;
Criminal Minds:
Spencer Reid/Sean Hotchner;
PG/13-rated, 8000+/-words completed;

1. people should smile more ([ profile] ) | [LJ ];

Set at the beginning of 1.16 'The Tribe'. AU, in that I’m willfully ignoring the fact that Reid was present when the girls were ogling Hotch’s brother at the beginning of this episode. As far as this story is concerned, this is how Spencer Reid met Sean Hotchner.

2. how I did you wrong ([ profile] ) | [LJ ];

Set at the end of 1.16 ‘The Tribe’. Wherein Sean continues to underestimate his brother. Aaron goes all profiler on Sean’s motives. And Spencer may or may not call Sean about that coffee.

3. straight towards the sun ([ profile] );

Sean and Spencer finally go for that coffee.

4. something ventured something gained ([ profile] );

Sean surprises Spencer with coffee at work. Things don't go as planned... but neither of them are too upset at the results.

*Last two in the series available on AO3 only
**Series completed July 2014
Tags: [&]: [m/m]: spencer reid/sean hotchner, fanfic: criminal minds, fanfic: criminal minds: coda 1x16, fic: rating: u, fic: series: a question of coffee, fic: wordcount: 5000-10000

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