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Well, so much for inflicting my writerly ways on you during NaNoWriMo! I seemed to have gotten myself thoroughly caught up in procrastination writing that I pretty much forgot all about anything else. 

Least to say, I didn't meet the 50k wordcount but I did manage a rather exciting 27,000words! They've very rough and all over the place, but they're there and I think they're the most words I've ever managed in a month, so pretty damn chuffed. The most challenging part of NaNo was the whole not editing part. Ugh. I can't even tell you how hard that was. I have so much red/highlighted paragraphs/comments spattered throughout the entire document that I'll more than likely rewrite the whole thing, but until I can bare to so much as look at it again, I'm going to just enjoy the hell out of my wordcount.

How did everyone else get on with NaNo? I had a few of you guys on my buddy list, but incase I've missed anyone- tell me all about your struggly writerly ways! :D
In other news, with NaNo over I can *finally* get back to writing fanfiction. asdfgh. I thought my head was going to explode with fic ideas during NaNo. It's just typical that once you decide you can't write any fic, that's all you seem to think about XD fingers crossed this bought of inspiration will last me through December so I can get through the rest of my Whitechapel series and maybe a wee wintery-themed fic or two
Tags: challenge: nanowrimo, on writing: after thoughts

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