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29 October 2012 @ 09:08 pm

It’s fast approaching that time of year again, where writers everywhere start to batten down the hatches in preparation for November’s National Novel Writing Month!

What seemed like a good idea in October swiftly turns into the sort of snot-and-tears drama usually reserved for small children throwing temper tantrums, and after a great deal of angsting and hair-pulling, summarily becomes one of the most stressful months of the year.

So, of course, I usually like to pre-empt this by copping out of doing the 50,000word challenge and opting instead of the fic-a-day approach as seen in previous years through my Caspe-Wri-Mo endeavours. Not that this has been any less stressful, or indeed any more successful, but at least I’ve acted in the spirit of the month of writing and all that jazz.

This year however, instead of going with another Caspe-Wri-Mo attempt, I’ve managed to get myself talked into attempting NaNoWriMo for real (thanks for that, indiefairy!), and as a result I have decided to inflict my struggling writer ways on you lot throughout the month en leui of posting any actual fic.

Don’t say I’m not good to you! ;P

If anyone else is doing NaNoWriMo this year and wants to buddy up, you can add me [ h e r e ] on the website!

I’ll likely be posting up a daily wordcount with bonus flail/fail commentary depending on how well things are going, but knowing just how much of a perfectionist I can be, it’s unlikely that you guys will get any actual excerpts up on LJ. I will however be using google docs so if anyone wants access to follow my progress/the story as it (very roughly) proceeds, and you’re on my flist, drop me a comment and I’ll look into adding you!

For those of you interested here’s a wee sneak peek of my summary and potential warnings.

image by http://www.christottle.co.uk

Set in Amanzimtoti, South Africa, this story follows Wayne du Preez as he starts his matric. Completing his final year of high school won't be his only problem however when a boy from his childhood makes a surprise reappearance in small town Toti, throwing Wayne's picket-fence dreams with girlfriend Jess into a tailspin and forcing him to deal with a part of himself he's been denying ever since he shared his first kiss with Kyle way back when.

f/m, m/m; unrated; deals with: homophobia, religion, racism, child abuse (emotional/physical), recreational drug use, underage drinking, self-harm and a bucket load of angst to boot.

Good  luck to everyone on my flist participating! May we all write hard and prosper

hab318princess on October 29th, 2012 09:14 pm (UTC)
we're already connected as writing buddies... want to get started now I have to say
Campaspe: Avengers \\ Bruce; green handscs_whitewolf on October 31st, 2012 08:47 pm (UTC)
I've got you added, but it's not showing as you having added me back?

I'm so excited to get started! and your novel sounds amazing, I hope you finish, I'd love to read it :D
hab318princess on October 31st, 2012 09:14 pm (UTC)
oops, sorry, have added you back

your novel sounds very emotional!

And we will finish!

Campaspe: Batman \\ Robincs_whitewolf on October 31st, 2012 09:20 pm (UTC)
:D ta bb!

Omg it's going to be horrendous! XD but I can't wait to get started. It's not a genre I'd ever read myself so it'll be a right experience trying to write it. But I like to think I'm pretty good when it comes to angst in general so I should be okay.

We will! Positive thinking and all that jazz!!
hab318princess on October 31st, 2012 09:30 pm (UTC)
I'm planning some angst and worry and pain ... but not as much as you I think!

I'm clining on to the fact that I won last year and also did a WriANoJune in 2009 successfully

Campaspe: Suits \\ Harvey; tiecs_whitewolf on October 31st, 2012 09:43 pm (UTC)
XD yeah. My poor boy isn't going to have it easy. I kind of wish I could just wrap him in cotton wool and spare him the misery but... well. No pain no gain. heh.

Wow, that's really impressive! I've never seriously attempted NaNo before so I'm kind of nervous about failing it. Which... I probably shouldn't think about before it's even officially started, haha.

Got any tips for a first timer then? heh.
hab318princess on October 31st, 2012 09:50 pm (UTC)
look at the word count over more than one day... you have weekends to catch up (or a week annual leave in my case) - having done plotting etc before you start helps as well and ENJOY
Campaspe: Supernatural \\ Castiel; gardian angelcs_whitewolf on October 31st, 2012 10:12 pm (UTC)
I think I've overplotted more than anything (got over 10k of notes :S), which is my problem when it comes to the actual writing part.

But I like the word count thing. This is good to remember for sure! I keep thinking about all the days I won't be able to write and freaking out, but yeah. Weekend should be good for catching up on any days I might miss :)
hab318princess on October 31st, 2012 10:27 pm (UTC)
oh wow, that is preparation - I've got a few pages of plots / family tree / pictures but I'm also going to see where my characters take me... (on their way to the Happy Ever After)
Campaspe: Avengers \\ Cap; writingcs_whitewolf on October 31st, 2012 11:00 pm (UTC)
haha yeah, I've been planning this story for years, but have been too scared to actually write it XD so yeah, hoping to make a good dent in starting it.

I do like when the characters take over though, makes the whole thing so much easier XD
(Deleted comment)
Campaspe: Batman \\ Joker; why so serious?cs_whitewolf on October 31st, 2012 08:48 pm (UTC)
Thank you, darling! I'm so excited to attempt the proper nano this year!

Will you be doing your art version again this year?
Georgie: Harry Potter - Snape Quillindiefairy on October 30th, 2012 12:28 am (UTC)
I like how you blame me, when in reality I mentioned casually once that I was doing nanowrimo and you decided that you had to do it :p
Campaspe: Criminal Minds \\ Reid; Boo! Whore!cs_whitewolf on October 31st, 2012 08:49 pm (UTC)
:P no, no. There was definitely arm twisting and hair pulling involved. I distinctly remember!
Joulez217joulez217 on October 30th, 2012 09:34 pm (UTC)
I will cheer lead you through this is you ever need it. :) summary sounds pretty good and can't wait to read it. Good luck! :)
Campaspe: Mood \\ (rp) nose scrunchcs_whitewolf on October 31st, 2012 08:50 pm (UTC)
Thanks, darling! :D

I've been working on the idea for this novel for years so am quite excited to finally make a start on it!