Campaspe (cs_whitewolf) wrote,

series: 37 stitches to keep the pain in

by the_owlcat

} 37 stitches ([ profile] ); (pre) Joseph Chandler/Emerson Kent | U-rated | 1095words
Coda: 2.01: Kent spends the night in the hospital after the Kray's attack, but not alone.

} kicking stones down ([ profile] ); (pre) Joseph Chandler/Emerson Kent, Others | PG/13-rated | 2520words | § beta by erin_giles
Coda: 2.02: At first Kent thinks he's just imagining being watched. Then he knows he's being watched. And by then, it's too late...

} followed the piper ([ profile] ); (pre) Joseph Chandler/Emerson Kent, Others | U-Rated | 1631words
Coda: 2.03: After Chandler's apology, Kent finds himself confessing to being in the incident room that night.

} head hung low ([ profile] ); (pre) Joseph Chandler/Emerson Kent | U-Rated | 1291words
Whitechapel Kinkmeme: Chandler holds Kent's hand at McCormack's funeral.

} to take the pain away ([ profile] ); Joseph Chandler/Emerson Kent | PG/13 | Set Post-S2 |

- chapter one; to keep the pain in : PG/13 | 7431words
    Kent hasn't been sleeping, Chandler takes notice.

- chapter two; made of scars : [ 1 / 2 ] PG/13 | 11,347words
    A Kray-related case comes to Whitechapel, Kent has some trouble coping.

- chapter three; hell and consequences : [ 1 / 2 / 3 ] PG/13 | 18,262words | § part 1 beta'd by dancy_dreamer
    Kent continues to insist that he’s fine, until he realises that he’s really not.

- chapter four; through glass : [ 1 / 2 ] PG/13 | 13,148words
    Kent makes some decisions he never thought he'd have to.

- chapter five; thirty-seven kisses

Tumblron writing: 37stitches; updates and chat via tumblr.

Tags: fanfic: whitechapel, fic: series: 37 stitches

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