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It looks like it's that time of year again. No, not Christmas- it's only Christmas when it's Christmas, and thankfully that's over just as soon as its begun!- I mean the time of year when the entirety of Scotland grinds to a halt over a little bit of snow. Fabulous. Really, you'd think a country known for having bad weather like this would be- oh, I don't know- prepared?! Apparently not. Grrr. It's times like this that I really wish I could just buy a holiday home somewhere and stay there during the winter (so, in Scottish terms this would equate to me living in a gloriously hot country for at least ten months of the year :D).

In news related to how it's not yet Christmas (but actually kind of almost is, but really isn't because I'm a grinch and bah humbug and all that jazz), I'm not going to offer to do any Christmas cards this year. I'm notoriously bad to writing them in the first place (yes, even after purchasing packs of the things and stamps to boot) and even worse at remembering to send them (despite the fact I work right next door to a post office.)

So! Instead of wasting a forest of trees on you wonderful people, I'm going to instead offer to write you all a wee something of your choice. You won't get it for Christmas, but rather for January as, coming to a journal near you is...


Exciting stuff, huh? Don't lie. I know you're all terribly overjoyed by the mere mention of it!

XD Since I was away for the beginning of November and unable to do my yearly wri-mo, I've decided to move it to January instead, seeing as I've got nothing better to do that month and all.

I will be changing the rules up a wee bit this time round though, seeing as I'm changing the month I figure it's justifiable. Instead of having to post a fic every single day for 30/31 days, my aim shall be to reach a total wordcount of 50,000words through however many fics I'm able to post up over the coming month.

So, maybe you'll get 31fics, maybe you won't, but you will (hopefully) get 50,000words of fic come the end of it all! Huzzuh?

ANYWAY! This is where you come in:

If you, most beloved of flisters, would like a fic of indeterminable words for the festive season, aka January, just drop me a wee comment with the following details and I'll see what I can do for you!

Fandom (Crossovers allowed)
• Characters/Pairings
• Rating you're comfortable reading up to.
• Prompt <-- this is the most important part, okay!?

Also, if you think this is a super idea and want to take part too- LET ME KNOW! and we can commiserate celebrate together ;)
+ in unrelated news, does anyone want to come to the Leverage Con-1 convention in Birmingham this coming weekend? Got a spare ticket going! +
Tags: [!] don't say i'm not good to you, challenge: caspe-wri-mo, § from me to you

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