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{ we all end up in a little pine box }

Happy Halloween! 

Yes, yes, I know. One day I may actually be on time for it, but that day is clearly not today. Besides, this picture of MGG was just far too ASDFGHUNGHH inducing not to post up. Any excuse, 'eh? ;D

So, belated festivities aside, HELLO FLIST! HOW ARE YOU!? 

I got back from South Africa Friday past (and the less said about that right now the better), and aside from managing a delightful 17hour sleep upon my return home, I've been non-stop galavanting between work and movies and what-not. I'll have my first proper day off tomorrow and am seriously looking forward to getting my claws into my flist between bouts of catch-up tv and frenzied bigbang writing! Until then, if there's anything I've missed that you think I should know/may be interested about please do drop me a comment or two! Three weeks without an internet connection really made me realise how much I missed all you guys, so I'd really love to reconnect and chat!! 

Tags: [♥] matthew grey gubler, real life: the family holiday

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