Campaspe (cs_whitewolf) wrote,

hey hey hey!

Hello, darling flist!

I'm terribly sorry I've been so very neglectful of you all and I'm afraid that instead of coming back to smother you all with promises of my undying love and to play catch-up, I've returned only to scrounge your recs from you (not that I don't have undying love for you all, of course! And I can tentatively promise you all spammage once I return)! You see, I'm off to South Africa on Thursday (ASDFGH EXCITEMENT) and unfortunately all the fics I'd been planning to d/l to my Kindle and take with me were lost when Snape (my laptop) upped and died on me D: so I'm kind of desperately trying to find as many fics as I can to tide me over for the next three weeks, and I'd really like your help!

I'm looking for recs from the following fandoms:

Criminal Minds [ Hotch/Reid, Hotch/Rossi ]

Harry Potter [ preferences for: Snape/Harry post-Hogwarts/de-aged or timetravel only | Severitus fic | Slytherin!Harry ]

Inception [ Arthur/Eames only; preferences for team-fic ]

Suits [ Harvey/Mike only ]

Warrior [ Tommy/Brendan ]

I will shower you all with love for any recs ya'll can provide me with! I'll take anything tbh, whether it's a preference or not ;D I'll even take fics from fandoms outwith those listed that's how desperate I am right now! XD


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