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Firstly: dramaa_princess, ♥ thank you so much for the chocolate userhead v-gift! Just spotted it on my profile, such a lovely surprise! :D

Secondly: I just spied this on my flist and couldn't resist sharing! I don't care if you've seen it already, Jamie and Channing are just too cute! I just want to squish them both so tight XD XD XD

"Who was the last person to see you naked?"

d'awwww ♥

Thirdly: Tribe Girlies! I haven't completely caught up on my flist yet, but has there been any talk of a meet up for sometime in the next couple of months yet? If not WE DESPERATELY NEED TO START ONE. I'm thinking it'd be pretty awesome if we could all get together this summer (and I know most of you think the same!), because I miss you all so terribly and I don't want to go an *entire* year without a proper meet! ::clings::

edt: okay Tribe, since it seems that no plans have yet been made, I shall unofficially start them by asking you all to let me know what dates in August/September are either good or bad for you. I figure we can start narrowing down weekends until there's one we can all agree on! :D

Fourthly: I may or may not be spamming the hell out of you guys later. Fair warning ;D they'll likely involve holiday pictures and fic posting of the Inception kind!
Tags: [§] pretty boys, [♥] flist love, actor: channing tatum, actor: jamie bell, movie: the eagle

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