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10 May 2011 @ 08:59 pm
{ five acts meme, the fourth }  
Guuys! The Five Acts Meme is running again! asdfghjk. I am beside myself with utter glee at this news. Since finishing my i_reversebang  fic I've been itching to write something, anything, but I'm not quite in the right frame of mind to jump back into the deep end with another of my bigbang-type fics, so the idea of writing some pure and utter filth in the meantime is all kinds of delightful! I must insist you all sign yourselves up so that I can begift you guys with all sorts of dirty porn! :D go on, you know you want to!

The Five Acts Meme

9th-15th May, 2011;

- Post a list of your five favourite sexual acts/kinks.
- At the bottom of your list, add what fandoms/pairings you're interested in.
- Comment to the master post with a link to your post.
- Read other people's lists and post comment-fic based off their themes.

1. Strength; I want them able to hold their partner down with relative ease, or better yet, to be able to pick them up and fuck them standing, just asdfghjk, please?!
2. Rough/Wall Sex; I want it rough and quick, with biting and scratching and maybe a bit of a fight for dominance thrown in for kicks!
3. Ass-Play; I want rimming and slapping and kissing and biting and groping, just lots of (in)appropriate attention paid to the piece of ass getting laid!
4. Blow-Jobs; deep-throating, tongue and teeth and bruising lips, facial coming, the works.
5. Kissing/Heavy Petting; I want kisses! I want make-out sessions with heavy petting, the clothes must stay (more or less) on but I'm sure that won't stop anyone having fun! ;D 

Criminal Minds: any combination of Reid/Hotch/Rossi
Inception: Arthur/Eames
Leverage: Eliot/Hardison,
Star Trek (Reboot): Spock/Kirk
Supernatural: Dean/Castiel, Dean/John!Michael, Dean/5.04!Castiel
The Eagle: Marcus/Esca
White Collar: Peter/Neal
Harry Potter
: Snape/Lupin, Snape/Harry
Merlin: Arthur/Merlin
Torchwood: Jack/Ianto, Jack/real!Jack

Crossover Fandoms;
Supernatural/Leverage: Dean Winchester/Eliot Spencer
Torchwood/Prison Break: Ianto Jones/Michael Schofield
^these two are my favourites right now, but please don't hesitate to crossover any of my Fandom/Pairings if the will arises ;D 

The Eagle;
for airspaniel : afterwards [Esca/Marcus; R/18-Rated; 1200words; prompt: ink]
for aboutbunnies : a taste of cheery apples [Jack/real!Jack; U-Rated; 270words; prompt: hands]

from absinthefairy88: untitled [SPN/Leverage; Dean/Eliot (Dean/Castiel, Eliot/Hardison); R-Rated; rough/wallsex, assplay]
from janie_tangerine: untitled [Dean/Cas; R-Rated; prompt(s): strength, rough/wallsex, kissing]
The Eagle;
from airspaniel  : untitled [Marcus/Esca; R/18-Rated; prompt(s): strength, rough/wall sex, kissing/heavy petting, blowjobs]

__♥..Jemz-y Baby..♥__jemzamia on May 10th, 2011 10:23 pm (UTC)


Campaspe: Criminal Minds \\ Reid; in my pantscs_whitewolf on May 10th, 2011 10:36 pm (UTC)

aww bb! you can write for any fandom I've been in if you like, especially if they're not on the list! Porn is porn is porn after all ;D heh

WHY HAVE YOU NOT WATCHED SUPERNATURAL YET?! :O I feel like I've been neglecting my duty as a temptress! ::pout::
__♥..Jemz-y Baby..♥__jemzamia on May 10th, 2011 11:03 pm (UTC)
YAY PORN! I shall have to get my thinking cap on then!

I KNOW! I've only seen those 8 eps I watched before I met Misha. I watch all the Dean/Castiel fanvids that pop up in my Youtube subscriptions thought because I AM WEIRD lol

TEMPT MEEEEEEEEEEEEEE with your boobies</b>
Campaspe: Original \\ Caspe's Tits FTWcs_whitewolf on May 11th, 2011 05:02 pm (UTC)
:D I have added some more fandoms to help you out! Don't say I'm not good to you! or a dirty enabler of porn LMFAO

ASDFGHJKL I DEMAND YOU WATCH MORE! Season 4 will forever be my favourite season but S5 was epic and as for S6... well, it took a while but it's FINALLY gotten epic in so far as Castiel is concerned ;D DO I NEED TO HOOK YOU UP??

OMG YS I WILL TEMPT YOU with all the pleasure of the flesh
__♥..Jemz-y Baby..♥__jemzamia on May 11th, 2011 05:54 pm (UTC)

zeitheist on May 11th, 2011 12:50 am (UTC)
Supernatural: Dean/Castiel, Dean/John!Michael, Dean/Castiel

Something tells me you like Dean/Castiel...

Anyway, I'm going to try and fit a fill or two in between essay-writing, because your kinks = my kinks. (It took me a while to realize I can't just write a fill which is just the words "Castiel holding Dean down whilst he fucks him" over and over)
Campaspe: Criminal Minds \\ Gube; MWAH!cs_whitewolf on May 11th, 2011 05:10 pm (UTC)
XD ...I was totally hoping that if it was missed the first time it'd get picked up the second ;D honest! haha. I changed it to 5,04!Cas instead, because there's nothing hotter than ruggedlyhuman!Cas! heh.

asdfghjkl yes! You must sign up so I can write you lots of filthy porn! :D did you get my txt yesterday? aside from wishing you happy birthday and offering to send nekkid!Cas to brighten your day I was looking for a prompt of somekind to write you bday fic! <-- this way I can still write you lots of filthy porn even if you don't sign up XD don't say I'm not good to you!

O_O... well, the general idea is certainly there! Now... where are they? And what did Dean do get Cas all riled up? ;D haha.
zeitheist on May 11th, 2011 11:25 pm (UTC)
You just love Dean/Castiel THAT MUCH, evidently! Also, ruggedlyhuman!Cas is indeed hot, but 5.04!Cas is so broken, he makes my heart ache.

I was going to sign up, but I think I've left it too late :| On the other hand, filthy porn yay! I just checked my phone, though, and I didn't get a text from you at all, so hopefully you didn't offer to send nekkid!Cas to the wrong person. But if you still want to write me filthy porn, what kind of prompt should I give? I DON'T KNOW. I'm terrible at asking for things.

And what did Dean do get Cas all riled up?

He was just being Dean! He was just doing his usual thing and Cas was all "NFFF SO PRETTY MUST RAVISH".

Incidentally, what are your thoughts on sex pollen/curses?
Campaspe: RP \\ Misha; once you go Misha...cs_whitewolf on May 12th, 2011 09:00 pm (UTC)
D: broken!Cas does make me wibble an aweful lot but the fact that he's so rugged and sexy and sdfghjkl *naughty thoughts* lets me over look this fact for the sake of the porn. The PORN, Sophie! It cannot be denied! XD

There's still THREE whole days left to sign up :D and you're allowed to keep filling prompts after it's done so, you know, no excuses! heh.

FAIL MOBILE! I'm sorry you didn't get it, bb! But it was all "HAI HAPPY BIRTHDAY ILU HOPE YOU DAY IS AWESOME! DO YOU WANT PORN? AWESOME. HERE HAVE SOME NEKKID MISHA KTHXBYE." and omg yes I still want to write you filthy porn! XD you can have any prompt you like- or just pick a kink and I'll try my best to go from there ;D heh.

UNGH YES! Dean just has to look at Castiel and the angel is all "Dean," in that all powerful 'I can throw you back' voice he used in the beginning, and Dean gets all shivery and he knows that voice and what it means but he still mouths off and gets cocky at Cas and it's all the angel can do not to just shove him up against the nearest wall and claim the ever living fuck out of him! :D :D :D

As for sex pollen/curses? I LOVE THEM. Any excuse, bb ;D you know me! heh. What're you thinking??
galaxy_song: pic#110280988galaxy_song on May 11th, 2011 01:18 pm (UTC)
Oh I loved this last time, still have to do my Japan fic but if I get a move on I will have to do this again:)
Campaspe: Criminal Minds \\ Gube; jugglecs_whitewolf on May 11th, 2011 05:11 pm (UTC)
Good luck with the Japan fic! :D and hurry! Coz this challenge finishes come Sunday!
Georgie: Supernatural - Dean/Cas (...got laid)indiefairy on May 11th, 2011 03:37 pm (UTC)
Don't hold me to this because OMGBIGBANG! but Your kinks = my kinks, so totally going to try and fill a couple of these XD
Campaspe: Criminal Minds \\ Reid; phwoar.cs_whitewolf on May 11th, 2011 05:13 pm (UTC)
FUUUUUCK YEAH! You totally have to sign up now so that we can share the dirty filthy porn with each other :D :D :D OMG ANY EXCUSE FOR PORN!!!

Do it! Do it now!

The bigbang is ages away!

::tempt. tempt::
absinthefairy88absinthefairy88 on May 12th, 2011 02:55 pm (UTC)

You are evil for making me want to do this.
Campaspe: Criminal Minds \\ Reid; chess handscs_whitewolf on May 12th, 2011 08:40 pm (UTC)

absinthefairy88absinthefairy88 on May 12th, 2011 08:52 pm (UTC)
Revenge will be mine. Just you wait. I have the perfect comeback planned. ;)
absinthefairy88: minimeabsinthefairy88 on May 13th, 2011 03:15 pm (UTC)
Hope this does the trick - Some Dean/Elliot for you :D
Dean doesn't need to touch to know his head is bleeding, the force he hit the wall with was all he needed to know.

Elliot's walking towards him like a man possessed. Dean's barely had a chance to breathe before Elliot's mouth has taken his. Neither really care about the noise they're making. All they want is to devour each other.

The second their lips meet they can't help but grind into each other, humping, like teenagers with no control over themselves. Which is kinda true. Try as they might they can't get enough of each other. Promises of no more always get broken. Everytime it's the same - the more they resist the more they want it.

Elliot's hands are everywhere, he can't keep still in Dean's arms. Every touch ignites a fire in him that takes over. his mind is lost. All he can think about is the man in his arms and how hot and warm and intoxicating it is to kiss him. The closest thing to normality is making out with a man who hunts demons for a living and who literally has an guardian angel.

Good thing this isn't permanent. It never lasts more than a few minutes at best. It's best to just get it over with, stem the flames inside them and go their separate ways. Their lives are too messy for actual relationships. Anyway, Dean has Castiel for that and he has Hardison.

So it's all good. He gets to have a gorgeous man in his arms no matter what happens. A gorgeous man whose lips are like a drug to him. He knew Dean was a dangerous man to be around at the best of times but his mouth alone was something else.

"Elliot.......I'm so fucking close" Dean's moans are music to him. It's almost enough to make him come on the spot. But he has something better planned. He slips his hands inside Dean's jeans and squeezes the warm flesh.

"How about a matching pair this time? I know I'm not an angel but why should he have all the fun?" He pulled his hands out to yank Dean's pants down and expose the pale skin for all to see.

Elliot kissed him when the first smack hit, swallowing Dean's moan.

"You like that? You want me to spank you? Mark you so everyone knows you're mine? Do you want that Dean?"

"Yes". Dean's voice was breaking and he didn't care how desperate he sounded. He just wanted more

That was all Elliot needed to hear. He had free reign on Dean ass and he was going to enjoy it. He was glad they weren't in a bar or motel room this time because Dean was loud. Whores were quieter than Dean when he let go. Not that Eliot minded, the louder the better. He didn't like the quiet ones. Didn't do much for his ego.

Dean was about as big an ego boost as it got when it came to anything sexual. Pretty boys were easy to come by (and come on too in some cases) but Dean was something else. Which was why Elliot was so turned on by the thought of marking Dean. He'd seen the hand print on Dean's and a shot of jealousy ran through him.

Now it was his turn. The spanking turned to grabbing, pinching and scratching. There was no way Dean would be able to sit down for days after this. Not that he would complain if the strength of his orgasm was anything to go by.

"That should do it" Elliot turned Dean around and inspected his work. "Wonder what angel boy will have to say about that?"

"I would compliment you on your valiant effort, Mr Spencer." Castiel emerged from the shadows by the door.

Elliot's grin grew wicked. "It's not bad is it? This does mean I'm one up on you."

"I'm afraid not. My mark is somewhat more permanent than yours" He walked over to where Dean was half leaning against the wall in his afterglow and placed his hand on Dean's reddened flesh. In a second the mark was gone and it was Castiel's turn to smirk.

"I think the saying is 'Better luck next time'" There was a hint of a challenge in his eyes as he placed his fingers to Elliot's head and sent him on his way.
Campaspe: Leverage \\ Eliot/Hardison; man hugcs_whitewolf on May 13th, 2011 07:29 pm (UTC)
Re: Hope this does the trick - Some Dean/Elliot for you :D
ASDFGHJKL OMFG! I don't know what I found hotter, the wall sex, or the ass smacking, or the hawt mansexsing, or THE FACT CASTIEL JUST SAUNTERED IN QUITE THE THING AND UNCLAIMED DEAN FROM ELIOT! XD XD XD

omg if this is the kind of revenge I get for tempting you into things I am NEVER going to stop!!!!

absinthefairy88: minimeabsinthefairy88 on May 14th, 2011 12:15 pm (UTC)
Re: Hope this does the trick - Some Dean/Elliot for you :D
Don't even think about it. :P

I figured you would like it :)
(Deleted comment)
Campaspe: Merlin \\ Merlin; broodycs_whitewolf on May 12th, 2011 08:46 pm (UTC)

I HAVE NO PREFERENCES ASDFGHJK but I do love the idea of them having a bit of a power struggle over who gets to top/bottom ;D seriously though, I AM EASY IN MY ESCA/MARCUS LOVE!!! <33
the female ghost of tom joad: supernatural + nick cave = otpjanie_tangerine on May 12th, 2011 08:04 pm (UTC)
spn, dean/cas, strenght + wall slamming + kissing, R, 1/2
Dean is in the panic room when Cas shows up, in one piece, after the warehouse he had fought Raphael in had gone up into a burst of light. Balthazar had appeared a while later and told them that Cas was touch and go and currently in Heaven because he couldn’t have recovered anywhere else, but that had been the last he heard. It’s been one month, and Dean has been going crazy, and then Cas is outside the entrance, looking a bit worse for wear, but alive at least. Dean stands up from the cot – he was cleaning a gun while sitting there.

“Shit, Cas –”

Dean doesn’t even have time to finish the sentence – Cas moves forward, grabs his shoulder, a hand goes to the back of Dean’s neck and Cas pulls him in, their lips crashing. Dean gasps and opens up, Cas’s tongue plunging inside his mouth, touching his – Cas kisses him like a drowning man and Dean doesn’t do anything to stop him. He wishes he could at least say that he’s sorry, he has had his time to think things through, but Cas just doesn’t let me – as soon as they catch a breath, Cas is kissing him again, like he just can’t stop. When he does, half-stop, his lips are swollen and damn – he’s still a sight, even if he looks older for some reason. Maybe it’s because the clothes are more rumpled than usual, maybe it’s that the lines on his face scream tiredness.

“Well,” Dean whispers, “I had figured you’d want to talk.”

Cas takes his coat off before turning towards Dean again, his eyes focused. “Talking can wait,” he replies before moving closer, and closer, and before Dean knows Cas has fucking picked him up like he’s weighing nothing and slammed the both of them against the wall.

“I’m done with pretenses,” Cas whispers, and oh shit, Dean should feel embarrassed that Cas has just picked him up like a girl, but that voice – just the low rumble of it in his ear is enough to make his knees go weak. He’d have probably fallen down if Cas wasn’t, well, holding him up against a wall. “I’ve wanted this for you don’t even imagine how long, so if you don’t want it, too, say it now.”

This should be entirely questionable, but case is, Dean has been wanting it too, as much as he might have done the self-denial thing for a very long while, and Cas being like this – it’s fucking hot, no way around that.

“No one’s stopping you,” he answers, and then Cas moves away from the wall, and Dean doesn’t have time to panic because hey, Cas is pretty much the only reason he hasn’t fallen down, because Cas is kissing him again. Slower though, without the previous urge, his tongue running over Dean’s lips, and when Dean opens up Cas goes even slower, taking his time with mapping everywhere he can reach inside Dean’s mouth. Dean closes his legs around Cas’s back before he realizes that he has done it, and his hands clutch at the coat, but damn – Cas’s arms are steady around him, not shaking once. Fuck, he’s still holding him up like he’s weighing nothing, and as overpowered as he is, Dean doesn’t feel freaked at all. He feels his cock stirring as Cas’s tongue runs along his lower lip before Cas’s teeth close around it for a second, biting gently before kissing the spot again – and damn, he might have just moaned into Cas’s mouth but blame him. It almost feel nice. Now that the urgency is partially gone, and Cas is just standing in his shirt and suit trousers while he kisses Dean within an inch of his life, Dean feels a certain heat pooling below his waist – but it’s the pleasurable kind of heat, the one in which you just want to bask a while.
the female ghost of tom joad: supernatural + nick cave = otpjanie_tangerine on May 12th, 2011 08:04 pm (UTC)
Re: spn, dean/cas, strenght + wall slamming + kissing, R, 2/2

“Y’know,” Dean breathes at one point, his hands going to frame Cas’s face rather than just clutching at the coat, “there’s a bed in here.”

“There is, but that wasn’t my plan,” Cas replies, his hand on the small of Dean’s back moving so that their frames are completely flushed against each other.

“Really. Would you care sharing with the class?”

“Well, I suppose we should talk. But before, I think I would rather fuck you senseless. And not on the bed. Like this,” he says, pressing against the small of Dean’s back again. Dean gasps, feeling his cock grow harder inside his underwear.

“But, before that, I think I’ll just take my time with this,” he replies before the hand he had on Dean’s back raises up behind his neck (and shit Cas is using just one arm now) and brings Dean’s head down for another kiss. Which promises to last a lot.

Well, Dean thinks as he kisses back, he thinks he’s pretty much on board with this. They can talk later. And for now he’ll enjoy the hell out of this.
Campaspe: Supernatural \\ Castiel; BAMFcs_whitewolf on May 12th, 2011 10:05 pm (UTC)
Re: spn, dean/cas, strenght + wall slamming + kissing, R, 2/2
Fuck, he’s still holding him up like he’s weighing nothing, and as overpowered as he is, Dean doesn’t feel freaked at all. He feels his cock stirring as Cas’s tongue runs along his lower lip before Cas’s teeth close around it for a second, biting gently before kissing the spot again...


and yes, Dean, talk later, fuck now! good boy! XD

thank you so very much!!!
the female ghost of tom joad: supernatural + nick cave = otpjanie_tangerine on May 13th, 2011 06:17 pm (UTC)
Re: spn, dean/cas, strenght + wall slamming + kissing, R, 2/2
BELIEVE ME YOUR KINK IS MY KINK. (Or well, manhandling, but yeah. Well. That.) Much glad you liked it, thank you! :D
Kevin Jonesmulder200 on May 15th, 2011 01:51 am (UTC)
Re: spn, dean/cas, strenght + wall slamming + kissing, R, 2/2

“Well, I suppose we should talk. But before, I think I would rather fuck you senseless. And not on the bed. Like this,” he says, pressing against the small of Dean’s back again. Dean gasps, feeling his cock grow harder inside his underwear.

“But, before that, I think I’ll just take my time with this,” he replies before the hand he had on Dean’s back raises up behind his neck (and shit Cas is using just one arm now) and brings Dean’s head down for another kiss. Which promises to last a lot.

Well Damn!

Although, I must say I admire Castiel's thinking. Talk later, sex now!

Plus wall slamming? SO hot!
the prettiest girl in the bingo hall: bjsairspaniel on May 15th, 2011 11:29 pm (UTC)
Marcus/Esca, strength, rough/wall sex, kissing/heavy petting, blowjobs, 1/2
A/N: First Eagle fic for a first Eagle fic. I believe in reciprocity. ^_~ Hope you like it!

Marcus may be strong, has the clear size advantage, but Esca is quick and clever. He didn’t last so long in the arena by making himself an easy target.

“Stay still,” Marcus says, exasperated, but his grin gives him away. He enjoys the chase as much as anyone. Esca darts forward, knocks his off balance; twists as they fall to keep the weight off of Marcus’s bad leg. He rolls as they hit the ground, straddling Marcus’s waist to keep him pinned, hands pressed down, putting his full weight on those broad shoulders. It feels familiar, and Esca loses his breath, only for a moment.

“Was that an order?” he taunts, trying to recapture the levity of before, but Marcus’s eyes have gone dark and serious.

“I never did like to give you orders,” he says, soft and sincere, big hands spanning Esca’s thighs and sliding upward. Gentle; tentative, as if Esca were a wild animal to be calmed.

“I think you liked it just fine,” Esca returns, “you just never asked for what you really want.” He stands up in one fluid movement, ignoring the way Marcus’s hands clutch at his sides. Marcus follows him halfway, leaning up on his elbows, considering his next move. His voice is deep when he answers.

“And what is it that I want?” he asks, sitting up into a half-crouch. He seems like the animal now, coiled and ready to pounce.

Esca shifts from foot to foot in anticipation. “You never said.”

Marcus lunges at him, catches Esca under the arms and shoves him back into the wall. Esca’s teeth rattle with the impact, and he clutches at Marcus’s shoulders, for balance as much as anything. The way he’s being pressed against the stone, against the solid bulk of Marcus’s body, his toes only barely scrape the floor.

“And if I told you now,” Marcus says, words breathed hot against Esca’s neck, his chest rumbling against Esca’s own. “If I asked for what I want, would you give it to me?”

“That depends,” says Esca, short of breath, arching his hips against Marcus’s thigh, braced between his own. “I might, if it is something I want as well.”

“You are maddening,” Marcus growls, turning his head just enough to silence Esca with a kiss, and Esca smiles against his lips; opens his mouth to let Marcus taste him more deeply. He loses long moments like this; in the slick indulgent slide of their tongues, the sharp nip of teeth, full lips growing fuller kiss-swollen and soft.

Clothing is shed as if with a thought, Marcus holding him effortlessly in place as Esca wraps his legs around his waist, pressing their lengths together, heavy and hard. Esca takes them both in hand, and Marcus tears his mouth away with a gasp; drops his head forward against Esca’s shoulder. He shudders, strong fingers clenching bruises into the pale flesh of Esca’s arse.
the prettiest girl in the bingo hall: bjsairspaniel on May 15th, 2011 11:31 pm (UTC)
Marcus/Esca, strength, rough/wall sex, kissing/heavy petting, blowjobs, 2/2
“Is this what you want, Marcus?” Esca purrs, and Marcus moans, a low rumble that vibrates from his chest throughout Esca’s entire body; making him thrust up into his fist, making Marcus do it again.

“Yes,” Marcus manages, a broken husk of a word.

And Esca… stops, even though his own hips twitch forward at the loss of sensation, and Marcus whines out a breath. “Esca, what… please,” he begs, bereft.

Esca twists out of his grip with a feline arch of his body, slips to kneel at Marcus’s feet. “I want something else.” With that, he curls his hand around Marcus’s cock, and leans forward, drags his tongue through the wetness at the tip before taking it into his mouth.

Marcus cries out, a short, shocked noise, and he braces one hand against the wall, the other coming down to cradle the back of Esca’s head, pulling at his short hair. Esca takes it as encouragement, taking Marcus deeper until his lips meet his fingers, circled around the base of Marcus’s shaft.

Esca hums in pleasure, the taste and feel of Marcus on his tongue as delicious as the small, wounded noises the man is making; the unconscious movement of his hips, pushing his cock further into Esca’s throat. Esca slides his hands up to cover Marcus’s hipbones, encouraging his thrusts.

Esca,” Marcus gasps, tightening his hand in his hair, holding him in place as Marcus fucks his throat in earnest. Esca looks up at him, eyes watering slightly, making his lashes dark and shiny against his flushed skin, and Marcus comes with a guttural groan. Esca swallows as much as he can, but is forced to pull back to breathe, and the last streaks of Marcus’s seed stripe his cheek; his chin.

He strokes himself fast and ruthless, there on his knees in front of Marcus, can’t wait another moment for it; so he misses when Marcus speaks, sprawls out next to him on the stone floor.

“Esca,” Marcus repeats, broad hand spanning Esca’s throat, swiping his thumb through the mess on his face, pressing it against Esca’s lips until he opens his mouth. “What do you need?” he asks, breathless, sliding the pad of his thumb over Esca’s tongue. “Would you have me serve you thus?”

Just the thought - so many thoughts - of Marcus on his knees, strong hands holding Esca in place as he mouths his cock, is enough. Esca comes over his fingers, the floor; sucking Marcus’s thumb hard as he shakes apart.

Marcus strokes his hair, drags his thumb over Esca’s bottom lip as he slides it free. It takes a long time for Esca to come back to himself, and when he does, Marcus is watching him with a fond smile, something playful in the expression.

“I’ll take that for a yes, then,” Marcus teases, and Esca laughs despite himself, pulling him in for a kiss.

“Give me a few moments, and I’ll show you.”
Campaspe: The Eagle \\ Esca/Marcus; slavecs_whitewolf on May 16th, 2011 07:14 pm (UTC)
Re: Marcus/Esca, strength, rough/wall sex, kissing/heavy petting, blowjobs, 2/2

OMG I love this reciprocity idea! XD This is brilliant and so hot and the banter between them was just so perfect <33 thank you so-so much! You've hit my kink buttons right on the spot :D