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28 April 2011 @ 06:15 pm
1-UP | Notes & Thanks  


Notes & Thanks


I don’t really have much to say in the way of notes that I won’t just end up repeating in my thanks, but I feel a special mention ought to go out to The Super Mario Wiki page who, along with my own Nintendo DS, gave me hours of glorious procrastination time which was both time wasting and educational :D I totally recommend the page if you’re looking for a nostalgic skive, or if after reading this fic you’re still left wondering what exactly an [ insert enemy of your choice here ] is!




♥; Firstly, major thanks to my flist who had to put up with the horrendous moodswings I seemed to have over the writing of this fic. I have no idea why it was such a rollercoaster of a ride to get this fic done, but I am tremendously grateful for all the encouragement and handholding you guys did for me when my emo got the better of my squee. You guys are the best ♥ilusohard!


♥♥; Secondly, my beta’s: canyousayhot, gelbwax, sirona_gs, you guys were wonderful! Thank you all so much for your help in getting this beast tamed. Your enthusiasm for this fic really kept me going and your attention to detail really got me thinking at times :D something I will forever be grateful for. Special thanks go to canyousayhot for sticking with me through the entirety of this fic, you were such an amazing help, darling!


♥♥♥; Thirdly, but in no way least, super thanks must go to paperflower86 for the artwork which inspired the entire story! Your artwork is amazing, darling, and I was very excited at having claimed this piece. As soon as I saw the art I knew exactly what I wanted to write for it. That you were totally up for the entire idea of this fic was great encouragement and I do hope that you enjoy the final version.