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I'm sure everyone has heard about the horrors plaguing Japan right now, and of all the wonderful communities/charities out there that have been set up to aid the country [check out the awesome help_japan if you haven't!]. Whilst I don't feel that I can sign myself up for any of the fandom auctions at the moment, I still want to do my part to help, and so I have a proposition for you, dear flist:

§ The first five people to comment here will be sent one of the [ LJ charitble Japan Tsunami v-gifts ], with "...proceeds will be donated to a number of charities, including but not limited to, the US and UK Red Cross, Doctors Without Borders, Network For Good, Save the Children, Shelterbox, and UNICEF." You don't have to do anything else, just hit me with any sort of comment and it's yours.

edt 20/3: still one free v-gift up for grabs.
§ Anyone who replies after the first five must write me some kind of comment fic in order to recieve one of the Japan Tsunami v-gifts/a charitible v-gift of your choice, this offer is open to a maximum of ten people right now (so fifteen v-gifts altogether), but who knows, I may be feeling generous if you guys are ;D

edt 28/3: nine commentfic v-gifts up for grabs!

Commentfics Recieved:
When Worlds Collide by galaxy_song  [Crossover: Criminal Minds/Sherlock; Spencer Reid/Sherlock; R/18]

- This offer is open to everyone, not just people on my flist.
- Main Fandoms: Inception and Criminal Minds, but I WILL take anything from [ my list of fandoms ]. Crossovers, as always, are encouraged.
- Any Character/Pairings will be accepted, even if they're not my OTP.
- I'm game for any kind of rating/genre/etc.
- There is no minimum wordcount, but do try to put a wee bit of effort into it, ya? :P

And yeah, that's pretty much that. ♥

Tags: challenge: help japan

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