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GUUUUYS! My week off work so far has been all kinds of awesome for the simple fact that I've been doing ABSOLUTELY NOTHING IMPORTANT ASDFGHJ.

I'm feeling so chilled and happy and productive, which is a especially fantastic seeing as I actually have time to do something with this insitent itch to do things, like write. I've been working on that Inception/Mario fusion I mentioned a few weeks back and I'm having glorious amounts of fun with it :D and for ~research purposes I have of course being playing copious amounts of Super Mario on my DS (I actually completed the damn thing, haha, finally!). Life is good guys. Sooooo good right now. I don't even want to think about having to go back to work come Monday! D:

How've things been with you lot? I would apologise for being all MIA on ya'll again but well, what's an impromptu hiatus between friends? XD Anything new going on? I've been to see three movies this week: Paul, The Rite, and Drive Angry 3D all of which were tres awesome in their own individual ways, and I'm hoping to drag someone out to see The Adjustment Bureau this weekend. Anyone else planning to see it? I'm intrigued by their likening it to Inception and stealing the men from Fringe to boot.

Also, Criminal Minds: who's been watching!? GUUUUYS. WE NEED TO TALK! asdfghjkl. Not just about Reid (♥_♥) and Prentiss (♥_♥), but how betrayed I feel by Seaver (>_<) right now after 6.16 because damnit I really did like her. Also, Criminal Minds: Suspect Behaviour: does anyone actually like it? :/ also also I did not start writing a ridiculously cliche Reid used to be a model before he joined the FBI fic. honest!

And then there's the matter of Supernatural... OMG WHAT IS HAPPENING TO MY SHOW!? I went three weeks without watching it (and without the usual withdrawal symptoms usually associated with missing an episode) and then when I could finally be bothered to catch up, well... it didn't really feel like it was worth almost three hours of my life. LE SIGH. I think I'm falling out of love with my show guys. Not even Misha's sheer awesomeness is making me want to watch it. PLS SEND HELP ASAP.
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