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{ jst like a kick in the teeth }

There was a wee mix up with rotas at work and it turns out that instead of being off in two weeks time, I'm actually off this coming week! :D which is kind of exciting in an unexpectedly-expected kind of way. And what better way to celebrate an impromptu week off work than by spring-cleaning? ...okay, I can probably think of a gazillion better ways to celebrate, but seeing as it kind of needs done I figure it's best to just get it over with now so as to let me enjoy the rest of the week :D YAAAAAY!

This first post is of DVD's I'm trying to get shot of. The £1.99 ones are pretty much on their last gasp. If none of you guys want them they're going to charity. For the boxsets, you guys get first dibs (feel free to haggle/barter/etc) before they end up on ebay/the charity shop).

Coming soon: CD's and Books! Huzzah!

I accept payment via paypal. I am open to other methods however, including swaps.

All items will be sent second class via royal mail (UK only). Prices below include the standard p&p.
For other delivery options (outside of the UK/nexy-day/recorded/etc) please ask for details.

All DVDs are in as new condition, unless stated otherwise, and have only been watched once. Picures are stock but actual photos can be provided upon request.

The following DVDs are priced at £1.99 each:

Product DetailsProduct DetailsProduct DetailsProduct DetailsProduct Details
[ Bulletproof Monk; The Diary of Ellen Rimbauer; Jet Li's Fearless; The Fog; Love Actually ]

Product DetailsProduct DetailsProduct Details
[ Ned Kelly; Pathfinder; Sense & Sensibility; Team America; Wii Game: Doctor Who Top Trumps (cellophane wrapped) ]

Product DetailsProduct Details
[ Torchwood (S1 Part 1); Torchwood (S1 Part 3) ]

The following DVDs are priced individually:
Product DetailsDinotopia - Complete Season
Product DetailsHouse MD - Complete Season 3 (Region1)

The Indiana Jones Trilogy (4 DVD Box Set)
& Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull (2 Disc Edition)
The Adventures Of Young Indiana Jones Vol.1 (12 Disc Box Set)
Poltergeist The Legacy - Season 1 [DVD]
Prison Break - Complete Season 1
(or, Season 1,2&4 for £25)
 Prison Break - Complete Season 1
(or, Season 1,2&4 for £25)
 Prison Break - Complete Season 4 + The Final Break
(or, Season 1,2&4 for £25)
Product DetailsSupernatural - Season 1, Part 2
(never opened, still cellophane wrapped)

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