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So, the wonderful people at Boots have decided that we must now put our holiday requests in for the 2011/2012 period of holidays by the end of March. Apart from the initial STFU that this news garnered from my colleagues and I, it's thankfully not proved too heinous a task for me, at least as far as this year is concerned. And since I've had to plan how I'm going to use five weeks worth of holidays now, I figured I'd make a handy-dandy list of my upcoming escapades for the approaching new holiday year. 

Please, be warned, THERE IS A DEPRESSING LACK OF CON ACTIVITY HAPPENING THIS YEAR OMG! And a depressing lack of cons means I may not see you guys as often as I want to either D: D: D: I may not survive the year!

Febuary: 9th: We Will Rock You, with galaxysong & co.

March: 13th-20th: Week off Work. No idea what I’ll be doing with it, but if I don’t use the holidays this side of April I lose them so… anyone want to do something? :D

April/May/June: ::tumbleweed::

July: 10th-17th: Athens! Though this will be tremendous amounts of fun, it does mean I’ll be missing LFCC D: (what do you mean Robert Knepper and Mark Sheppard are attending?! DAMN YOU SM!! ::fistshake::) as well as the release date of the last Harry Potter movie (OMG SEVERUS COME RUN AWAY TO ATHENS WITH ME!!!). The things I sacrifice for sun and ruins, I tell you!

August/September: I suspect I’ll be watching more tumbleweed! I won’t even be off for Collectormania Glasgow, except for the Sunday, which means I’ll more than likely not be crewing the event. Sadface. Thankfully the rest of the year makes up for my SEVERE LACK OF CONVENTION ACTIVITY OMG. I demand that The Tribe decide to do something one of these months! Absolutely demand! ;D

Oct/Nov: 13th-4th: South Africa; actually cannot wait to be back home with the sun and the sea and my family! Do not mention the fact I’m missing Asylum6 for this one. I may cry.

November: 11th-14th: Return to Middle Earth; Lord of the Rings con

I haven’t actually asked for these dates off my work because I doubt I’ll have them approved the week after I’m back from South Africa! However, I am off the 12th-13th which is when the actual con takes place and if I can wangle transport after work/late after the con I could probably make this one work. For curiousness, is anyone on my flist planning on attending this one?? I really want to go, especially with it being the first LotR con!

December: 9th-12th: Con 1; Leverage con

OMG I AM SO GOING TO THIS ONE! My severe lack of conventions this year means I can’t not go to the first ever UK Leverage convention. I’m hoping to drag indiefairy with me ::bats eyelashes:: but the more the merrier, I say! And if I have to go solo, well, it’s a price I’m willing to pay to meet Gina Bellman and Beth Reisgraf, the first two guests announced! Thankfully my boss has already wangled it so I can have the time off work despite the fact we’re not actually allowed holidays in December! ;D

January/Febuary/March 2012: asdfghjk I can't even think about next year right now omg. Besides, I probably won't have any holiday entitlement left at this rate ;D

Has anyone else got their year all planned out? Any cons you're planning to attend? Any you can't but really want to? Any holidays booked? Tell me flist, for Caspe the Adventurer is all ears!
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