Campaspe (cs_whitewolf) wrote,

{ and i'm feeling good }

guuuuys! lookit what gubler just posted!
it makes me smiley in my special happy place XD
(fyi, that was not a euphamism, you dirty buggers!)

This year so far has been pretty damn awesome. I'm not enitely sure why it's been so awesome but I'm kind of just going with it at the moment. I suspect it may have something to do with the shitload of dvds I got for Christmas, which has in turn prodded some life into my errant plot-bunnies and, as a result, has got me writing again. And writing always makes me happy! It's really a wonder why I stop for months at a time at all!

In my sudden productivity on the writing front I've managed two pieces which I've posted and am working on four fics (two Supernatura/Leverage, one Leverage, and one Inception), that will probably be up before the week is out. It's really exciting and I'm feeling kind of great about the world right now. Fingers crossed I can keep it up!

In related writing news: ya'll remember when I posted that my wee sister started publishing her fanfic here on LiveJournal? Well she's written another piece for Merlin fandom and is looking for someone to beta it for her. I've refused on principle of it being rated higher than PG-13, but if there's someone out there who's willing please comment to let me know and I'll put you intouch with her. Details for the fic: Merlin/Arthur, modern day AU, between R & NC-17, around 2000words. plzkthnx!

How is everyone else getting on with the "New Year" so far?
Tags: [♥] matthew grey gubler, on writing: beta request, on writing: contemplations

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