Campaspe (cs_whitewolf) wrote,

[wc/castle] conman of the year [gen. ensemble]

Conman of the Year;

White Collar/Castle;

Neal Caffrey, Peter Burke, Ryan, Esposito, Castle, (Beckett);

U-Rated, 415words;

Written for comment_fic prompt: “yeah well we had a guy that conned people into thinking he was in the arctic!”.



Neal never knows whether to be amused or annoyed by the way people treat him when they find out just exactly who he is.

He's had it all from the curious bug-under-the-microscope looks to the instant dislike and distrust of people assuming he’s personally out to get them and their department. Over the past year or two of consulting with the FBI, however, he's never experienced outright excitement at the knowledge that he's Neal Caffrey, conman extraordinaire.

There's always a first time for everything he supposes as he finds himself cornered in the NYPD break room by Detectives Ryan, Esposito and the writer, Castle, whom they have consulting with them on their cases (and really, how can Peter bemoan his conman history after this? It really could have been so much worse).

“Yeah, well we had a guy that conned people into thinking he was in the arctic!” Ryan all but gushes to nods of agreement by Esposito and Castle.

Neal also doesn't know whether to be amused or annoyed by the fact his being a conman has somehow turned into a pissing contest between the conmen they've apprehended and the cons he's pulled.

“Really?” Neal asks, lips twitching in veiled amusement. He spies Peter standing just outside the break room with Detective Beckett and shoots him a look he hopes isn't too pleading but still gets across that message of ‘send help now!

“Really,” Castle agrees and begins to describe in quite fascinating detail just how he managed the whole thing. Neal is sure he makes some of the more outlandish details up if the looks Ryan and Esposito share are anything to go by.

“I still don't think that'd win any 'Conman of the Year' awards.” Neal says with a shake of his head.

“You got a better one?” Esposito asks with raised brows just as Peter steps into the room with a smirk that tells Neal he'd purposefully left him in here.

“Sure,” Neal agrees, walking quickly towards Peter and Beckett. He turns just before stepping out of the room and smiles widely at the three of them: “I managed to con my way out of a prison sentence and straight into the FBI.”

With that he steps out of the room, grinning at Peter’s faintly disapproving look. A grin that quickly fades to a nervous smile in the face of Peter’s sudden glare however, when they hear Castle muttering something about his next book involving a conman working for the FBI.


Tags: [&]: gen, challenge: comment_fic, character: [castle]: javier esposito, character: [castle]: kate beckett, character: [castle]: kevin ryan, character: [castle]: richard castle, character: [wc]: neal caffrey, character: [wc]: peter burke, fanfic: castle, fanfic: crossover, fanfic: crossover: castle/wc, fanfic: white collar, fic: rating: u, fic: wordcount: 100-500

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