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01 January 2011 @ 11:57 pm
2010 : Writing Round Up  

-- Crossover;
drove through ghosts to get here [TW/SPN | Toshiko Sato, Bela Talbot | U-Rated | 884words]
Oh Lord, what's the use [SPN/Dark Angel | Castiel/Alec | R/18-Rated | 1829words | Coda: 5.04]
-- Daybreakers;
beneath my skin (I cannot run away) [Edward/Frankie | PG-13 | 355words]
-- Supernatural;
The Mixtape (with heaven on our side) [Dean/Castiel (Sam, Bobby) | U-Rated | 3213words]

-- Crossover;
There but for the grace of God go I [SPN/Legion | Dean, Castiel, Michael | U-Rated | 1396words]
-- Supernatural
That Old Black Magic [Dean/Castiel | NC-17 | 4542words]
Between a Rock and a Holy Place [Dean/Castiel | NC-17 | 2603words]

-- Crossover;
Bad Moon Rising [SPN/Harry Potter | Dean, John, Severus, Remus | U-Rated | 15,000approx words]

-- Supernatural;
Surprises [Bobby/Crowley | U-Rated | 300words]
Apologies [Dean/Castiel | U-Rated | 300words]
all he’s ever wanted [Gabrial/Sam | U-Rated | 261words]

-- Supernatural;
you don't have to say you love me [Dean/Castiel | R/18 | 279words | Coda: 5.04]
even angel's fall [Dean/Castiel | U-Rated | 608words | Coda Season Six]
a song of sixpence [Dean, Michael (young John vessel) | U-Rated | 801words | Coda: 5.13]
and winter came [Dean, (Castiel) | U-Rated | 556words | Coda: 5.10]
wicked game [Dean/Castiel | U-Rated | 390]
falling from the sky (and all I found was you) [Castiel, (Dean) | PG/13 | 643words | Coda: 5.04]
-- White Collar;
don't let me be misunderstood [Neal/Peter | U-Rated | 336words] 

.Totals: Fandoms | Fics | Words
Crossover: 4 fics; 16,396words
Daybreakers: 1 fic; 355words
Supernatural: 12 fics; 17,209words
White Collar: 1 fic; 336words
 - - -
Overall Total, 2010: 18fics; 34,296words approx.
 - - -

So, it’s been a pretty sad year in terms of fic writing. I appear to have spent all my energy on everything else but writing. The year started off pretty well, as most years do when resolution to write-write-write are made. But as with all resolutions (at least the ones I make) my plans quickly fell to the wayside. Aside from a lame attempt at Caspe-Wri-Mo at the beginning of November, it appears that I all but gave up on writing back in April/May time.

I'm not entirely sure if this is something to get upset about though. I don’t expect 2011 to be a more productive year either, especially as I’m sort of in a fandom limbo at the moment between not-wanting-to-write Supernatural and not-quite-knowing-what-to-write for Criminal Minds. I kind of love the idea of just writing for a shit-load of different fandoms at the same time but I unfortunately I have “fandom monogamy” and appear to be unable to cheat on more than one or two fandoms at a time ;D although, perhaps something I can work towards this coming year?

In regards to work I did post, I had some good pieces this year, but nothing I’d really like to write home about. Even the BigBang I completed feels like a bit of an underachievement more than anything. Actually, if I can achieve anything this year in terms of writing I’d like for it to be in regards to my time management. I need to stop leaving things to the last minute and hoping it won’t show in the work I post. It will. And it does. And it kind of sucks. So, yeah. I’ll be working on that!

That all said, I do have a couple of pieces in the works for this year. No idea when they’ll be completed, but as always, cheerleading if any and all descriptions would be very appreciated!

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Loki: Herper's Island - Cal/Chloe kissloki_dip on January 2nd, 2011 12:37 am (UTC)
I am noticing a trend in your fic fandoms. :)

We're polar opposites. I am the fandom flirt that will be in love with them all at the same time and spend each week in bed with a different one. I never fall out of love but I have phases where for a couple of weeks one will be the highlight of my life. Currently = Harper's Island AKA the big Island Killing Spree (TM). (Mum mocked me because we watched the entire series and I screamed SHERIFF BOBBY NO! At the screen because I'd forgotten Jim Beaver's character name. *oops*)

Still excited for this PB/TW crossover. You planned it yet? Hmm? You are my new one to poke over that. You and Juli for the final part of the MI-R trillogy. *g*
Campaspe: Original \\ Inked Handcs_whitewolf on January 2nd, 2011 06:16 pm (UTC)
haha, which trend would that be? I hope it's not anything about my being shallow because all of them have pretty man-things to slash :P

See I wish I could be a bit more like that! It takes me a while to get a feel for new characters though and to do that I kind of need to immerse myself in that one fandom for a bit. At least once I do have a feel I can usually multitask with fandoms I already have a feel for- and that's kind of when I start crossing everything over XD

I haven't seen Harper's Island. I think that's still on my "to watch" list too XD but Jim Beaver made it sound pretty damn awesome! LMAO I call every character I see him playing as "Bobby" too XD

YAAAY! I have been dabbling with it! :D And even started writing a small bit of it the other night and I'm pretty psyched about it so it's one of my top priorities this year. I hope it lives up to expectations! But yes, poking me over it would be very much appreciated for sure! It's one of the best ways to ensure I'm doing what I say I am, haha.
Loki: Herper's Island - Cal/Chloe kissloki_dip on January 2nd, 2011 07:18 pm (UTC)
More of the fandoms you write in the most. :D Nothing wrong with shallow, though I did have to rewind during the final episode of Merlin because I spent so much time staring at Morgana's cleavage I entirely missed the point of the scene!

It also has Katie Cassidy (Ruby), Gina Holden and Callum Keith Rennie (both in Wendigo). As well as Victor Webster (Mutant X), Richard Burgi (Sentinel), Chris Gautier (Eureka, but also Ron in Supernatural S2 - the bank robbing one?), Christopher Gorham (*g* Odyssey 5, Jake 2.0, Medical Investigation - obsessed moi?). Plus a whole bunch of other people. Seriously, EVERYONE is in this show. And Cal/Chloe make the cutest couple of all. *clings to them* Mum and I rewatched in two days when I got the DVDs for Christmas. :)

HOORAY! It's a start. If you need anyone to talk it over with, you know where to find me.
*g* I am very excited!

Hmm... my Cal/Chloe icon is tagged as Herper. Sounds like some weird STD.
Campaspe: X \\ Ink in my Coffeecs_whitewolf on January 2nd, 2011 10:19 pm (UTC)
Heh, yeah. I really do tend to stick to one or two fandoms at a time XD

Morgana does have a pretty fabulous cleavage, I'll give you that! ;D

Oooo yes, this one is definitely on my list of shows to get round to watching this year! What a line up :D plus Jim Beaver sold it pretty well when I saw him at A5, so I really ought to give it a shot!

:D awesome, thanks hun! I may well take you up on that! It's always good to have a soundboard! heh.