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2010 : A Year of Epic Travel and even more Epic Friends

It sure has been one helluva year. After looking back on all that I've done in 2010, I almost can't believe there was a point where I was bemoaning the fact that I wasn't doing enough! XD Aside from celebrating my twenty-third birthday in January (how could I ever have been afraid to turn 23? The idea of turning 24 this year is way scarier!! D:) and attending my first ballet in March with my sister, things didn't really kick off for me until April... and then things kind of just went explody from there!


indiefairy & zeitheist

This was always a trip I dreamed of making and I was so happy to get to share it with two of my very best friends <33

zeitheist & timecake

Wherein I got to meet awesome guests, hang with awesome friends and got to kiss Jim Beaver on the cheek during one the party nights. FTW.
In June I left you all for the awesome
Matthew Grey Gubler
as I attempted to catch up on all five seasons of Criminal Minds in something ridiculous like two weeks XD the rest of the time was spent drooling over pictures of THE GUBE and reading fanfic. It was good times!

wherein erin_giles saw her Cardiff flat invaded by the me and the rest of the tribe: _stolendreams_, atraphoenix, aliensincardiff, conjunkie, galaxy_song, indiefairy, jemzamiajoulez217 & prawn658

This was a trip that I'm sure everyone agrees needs to be repeated again this year!


There are no words for how amazing this trip was. Vancouver is just breathtakingly beautiful and I was so lucky timecake was crazy enough to want to come with me! heh. I would come back here in a heartbeat, I really would!


Vancon was certainly one of those "once in a lifetime" cons, but it was definitely the ultimate con to have attended as a Supernatural fan! I'm so glad I got to do this, and that I finally got a proper J2 sandwhich! <33

indiefairy, timecake & zeitheist 

Wherein Rob Benedict became my new boyfriend and I got him to try diet irn bru during his coffee lounge. FTW!

indiefairy, timecake  & zeitheist 

Wherein Aldis Hodge pwned my heart to ridic levels. And I finally got the guts to ask for a pose during a photoshoot :D

absdax & co
_stolendreams_ & zeitheist

Seeing KANE live in London was pretty amazing, but the highlights of the trip have to be going to the zoo with zeithest and hanging out in Starbucks for 5hours with _stolendreams_ XD

And then there was Christmas wherein I was both ill and got ridiculously spoiled with dvds. Namely, Leverage Seasons 1 & 2, White Collar Season1, Fringe Seasons 1 & 2, and Bones Season 5! FTMFW XDI also got a wee mini meet up with aliensincardiff, erin_giles, and galaxy_song a couple days after Christmas. <33
(Unfortunately we weren't able to stalk out a spot at Starbucks and instead had to make do with a Cafe Nero ;D)
So, yeah, it's been a pretty crazy year all in all and well, fingers crossed 2011 will be just as fun and adventurous as this last year was! I have a couple of conventions/things that I'd quite like to do this coming year, so be aware that I'll be trying to tempt as many of you wonderful flisters into doing these with with me as I can ;D heh

Also, MORE TRIBE MEETUPS!!! Girlies, we need to make some plans for this year, Y/Y?!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and New Year <33
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