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Caspe strikes again!

I don't usually make an announcement when I'm in the process of defriending journals but seeing as I apparently have this really bad habit of accidently defriending people I don't mean to when I'm removing the ones I do mean to, I figure I should make a wee anouncement to say if you think I've removed you in error, please let me know so we can work it out! Poor _stolendreams_  got it last year and I've already discovered elfinessy  got hit with it this year, so yeah, considering I went from 80 friends down to 37, I'm bound to have been a bit too trigger happy! I'd intended only to remove users who I've not spoken to in a while (most of them for well over a year) or users who I no longer share fandoms with, but as always there are exceptions so, again, let me know if you think I've cocked up! :D
And since I'm on: HOW ARE YOU GUYS!? I hope you all have been enjoying your December holidays/Christmas/etc! I've been horribly sick since Thursday so have spent most of my holidays doped up on cold medication and curled up in bed with all my shiny new dvds. heh. <33
Tags: lj: drama, lj: stuffs

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