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new shoes shiny shoes

they might not be Matthew Grey Gubler, but [ my new boots ] are justifiably as sexy as he is
and thus get to grace my livejournal instead of his ridiculously adorable face.
I hope you're all perving over them as much as I am! ;D

I bought these beauties due to the fact that the entirity of Scotland will be re-enacting "The Day After Tomorrow" come Thursday and whilst wearing my Mother's two-sizes-too-big-wellies was okay for trekking through the snow for a couple of days, they're not really an option seeing as this snowpocalypse is meant to last well into January. NOT IMPRESSED, SCOTLAND. That said, I can't be too upset. I did get these gorgeous boots out of the whole deal! ::clings to them all innappropriate like::

In other news...

§ My littlest sister, whilst following in my geeky footsteps for years, has recently manned up (so to speak) and posted her first piece of fanfic online last week. If any of you would be so kind as to check it out and leave her a wee comment I'd be forever grateful. She's been suffering an attack of butterflies everytime she gets a review aleart and it's kind of hilarious watching her freak out ;D 

 [Better than all men | Arthur/Merlin | PG/13 | Spoilers for 3.12]

It's actually all kinds of adorable, if I'm honest! heh. And I'm taking great pride in the fact that she's following my bad influence lead with the whole fanom/fanfiction business. Apparently she's now working on a more highly rated piece. I will not be reading this. I have a rule about her not reading any of my high-rated fic (and if she does I must never hear about it!) and I think I'll be applying that self-same rule when it comes to her stuff. For both our sanity! XD

§ Continuing on the theme of fanfic. It occured to me recently just how much I miss Torchwood and writing Torchwood fic. I had a very emo moment over the knowledge that I'd probably never write for the show again... and then I started getting some out-of-the-blue reviews on some of my fics and it got me thinking and... I've started writing a Torchwood fic. ::headdesk:: Well it's actually a crossover fic. Or, rather, a sequel to my Torchoowd/Prison Break crossover [Ink in my Coffee | Ianto/Michael, Ianto/Jack | R/18 | Tattoo AU] wherein Michael returns to the Torchwood Tattoo & Piercing Parlour three years later to get his tattoo removed. Shenanigans ensure! ...and in writing this sequel I started re-reading the original and am now going through that and re-writing/beta-ing some parts as I'm very well aware most of them were written in the rush of an approaching deadline! But yeah, it's kind of fun. And it's giving me a wee bit of a Torchwood-fix to help my emo! ::happy face::
How're the rest of you guys doing? Anything happening at your ends of the country? With your fandoms? Infact, anyone got any new fandom recs? I'm open to options right now! :D
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