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Yes, I'm very well aware that I'm four days too early for Halloween, but seeing as I'm compiling two newsletters tomorrow and then flying off at a crazy am hour on Friday for the Asylum 5 convention, which'll see me holed up until Monday, this is actually the only time I'll be able to post to my LJ between now and Halloween. Thus, HAPPY HALLOWEEN! XD ...well, that and I just couldn't resist putting up this delish picture of Frakenstein!Reid! heh. WHUT!? I CAN'T HELP IT OKAY!
In other news: I've decided to go ahead with Caspe-Wri-Mo! This crazy-ass decision is brought to you by Misha Collins fondling a microphone and Spencer Reid being an ~*Angel*~, amongst other things ;D In light of my impending descent into madness, I am still looking for prompts! I was jotting random ideas down and figure I have enough tidbits to maybe do half the month, but seeing as I haven't written for months I don't really want to leave the other half to my own devices ;D

Remember, you can pick a fandom/crossover from my shows [ here ] and then leave me a character/pairing and some kind of prompt. PUHLEESE?!

Tags: [♥] matthew grey gubler, challenge: caspe-wri-mo, event: asylum 5

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